The Protection Of Cultural And Ethnic Diversity A Common European Value

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The European Union is a family of citizens who are fighting to realize nationally and internationally the social cohesion. It is a Europe capable to answer all the challenges and to respect the national and regional identity, same as the cultural inheritance of its citizens. The European citizen should not be separately seen, but should be seen in the social, cultural and ecologic context being influenced by its national identity. The common European identity can only amplify or develop the national essence.The goal of the European Union is to promote and develop the democracy, to modernize the economic and social structures and to fight against social exclusion and poverty. The Europe is an economic and political entity, same as social and reach of cultural diversity. All other the continent, the social protection had become a part from our identity.The social rights are fundamental ones and had become integral to the European citizenship. The Union gives to all its citizens the opportunity to benefit from solidarity, their rights recognition. This thing implies a social harmonization which makes possible the coordination of salary policy and establishment of collective agreement recognized in all the Union. For all these we need a Europe that protects the public services and which is keeping its competence.The European Union value is to respect and appreciate all its citizens. It is consolidating the action plans on social inclusion and reducing the poverty. These plans are having common index of realization, therefore allowing all citizens to live in dignity.The European Union should be a union based on solidarity and freedom. It should adopt a common system of economic migration and a sure and...

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