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The Psychiatric Evaluation Of Aaron Stampler

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I was assigned a case in which I must decide the psychological state of the person accused of brutally murdering Arch Bishop Rushman. I first met Aaron Stampler when he walked into my office two weeks ago. He is a 19 year old Caucasian male with a stutter that was an alter boy for the Arch Bishop. Aaron ran away from home at the age of 16 because he suffered traumatic circumstances and abuse from his father back in Kentucky. He claims the Arch Bishop was like a father to him who saved him from begging on the street (Hoblit, 1996). The Arch Bishop took him in, gave him shelter, and gave him the position of being an alter boy for the church.
Aaron fled from the church covered in blood after ...view middle of the document...

In a case study on 30 people with DID, it was found that “all 30 participants reported childhood abuse” (Hart, O., Bolt, H., & Kolk, B. 2005). He suffered a great deal of abuse and stress, has two distinct identities, has the inability to recall certain times, has gaps in his memory, and the disturbances are not due to any substance abuse.
I recorded the personal interviews with Aaron to document my findings from his actions. I first encountered Aaron’s alter when I brought up Aaron’s girlfriend Linda, whom is said to have left without any explanation. It only appeared for a minute, but it has an entirely different demeanor than Aaron. Martin Vale discovered that the Arch Bishop made Aaron, Linda, and other alter boys perform in sexual acts on tape. Martin interrupted one of my personal interview with Aaron to interrogate him about the tape. I captured Aaron turn into a different personality—a violent and hostile person who calls himself Roy. It is very typical for individuals under high-stress, especially from abuse, to create an alter to help them cope with the trauma.
Roy claimed to Martin that he has to take care of Aaron because he can’t do anything for himself (Hoblit, 1996). Roy continued to go on talking about how he had to be a man and take care of the issues. He said Aaron would cry to him about all of his problems that he couldn’t handle. Discovering Psychology stated “dissociative identity disorder represents an extreme form of dissociative coping (Moscowitz & others, 2009)” (Hockenbury D. H., & Hockenbury, S. E., 2011). He admitted to killing the Arch Bishop for Aaron and was very proud of his actions. Arch Bishop Rushman forced them to do impious actions and in his opinion, Roy gave the Arch Bishop what he deserved. Roy also appeared to Martin Vale another time and divulged that he also killed Linda—another killing in which he was arrogant about committing.
In my professional opinion, Roy is most certainly negatively impacting Aaron and is starting to take over his life. Aaron is continually having more blackouts where Roy is the predominant personality. I do not believe that Aaron will be able to live a normal life nor be allowed back into society because Roy is proceeding to make decisions for Aaron’s life. Unlike Aaron, Roy bases his decisions off of his irrational moral basis. Aaron is a sweet young man with a conscience while Roy is aggressive, unwelcoming, and is proud of being a killer. Since he has already brutally murdered...

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