The Psycho Analytic Perspectives On The Problematic Use Of Alcohol: Lowering The Minimum Drinking Age In The United States To Eighteen

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The PsychoAnalytic Perspectives on the Problematic Use of Alcohol: Lowering the Minimum Drinking Age in the United States to Eighteen In 1984, Congress passed the national Minimum Purchase Act to enact a minimum legal purchase (MLPA), by 1986, of twenty-one. This law has been contested ever since. The MLDA is one of the most controversial subjects still in debate today. Like other , there are benefits and risks to alcohol. In all countries, with the exclusion of Saudi Arabia, alcohol is a part of everyday life. Supporters of the argument contest that at the age of eighteen they are old enough to purchase and consume alcohol.What is the right drinking age? Wisconsin Attorney GeneralJim Doyle favors lowering the drinking age to nineteen, if the age was adopted nationally. "I think this idea that somehow we're going to keep kids between nineteen and twenty-one from drinking is a myth," said Doyle. At the age of eighteen "kids" legally become s. As an "adult" they are now allowed to vote, serve on a jury, stay out later than curfew hours, leave home, smoke, buy weapons, fornicate, engage in financial contracts, be tried as an and sentenced to prison as one for a crime, and to join and/or be drafted into the army, but you cannot drink. So, if a person goes to war to defend their country and win, they cannot even celebrate with a drink with a comrade, and if they do and they get caught you could be imprisoned for a "minor" person drinking. The government does not seem to have its mind made up. A person is only an "adult" when it is convenient for them. In some cases, a person can be sentenced to as an , but on the other hand if a person is eighteen and has an open alcoholic container in front of them a person would be incarcerated for being a minor! In most countries, the legal age for alcohol possession and/or consumption is eighteen/nineteen or below. (Staid 1) In China, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and Thailand there is no minimum drinking age. The reason for this is not just because it is a part of everyday life, it is because as they grow up they are taught responsible drinking, along with the consequences of this action. The factors of when and why a person drinks also depend on the drinker's environment. Students in the Northeast drink more than those in the South or in the west. (Adler 73) a factor of this is education or rather a lack of education.After treating America's problem...

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1080 words - 4 pages parents (Engs, 1998, p. 1)."Why is it that European nations do not have this problem with excessive drinking, whereas we in the United States cannot figure out how to teach our children to be responsible consumers of adult beverages?" In these other countries, the children are taught to have respect for such beverages at a very young age, and with such respect there is no need for a required age. Parents of the United States need to teach

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2545 words - 10 pages so the they figure that they will give them partial freedom but still have someone, such as the waiter or waitress and even the bar tender at the restaurant keep a watchful eye on them. Lowering the drinking age in the United States should be the same across the entire country, because if one state has a different law than another then the alcohol problem is going to get worse because young adults under 21 years of age will be driving to the

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2164 words - 9 pages National Minimum Drinking Age Act enforced this change by informing states that if they did not comply they would face a reduction in highway funds under the Federal Aid Act. Upon the ratification of the law the number of traffic fatalities among 18 to 20 year olds dropped thirteen percent. If the minimum legal drinking age were to be changed for eighteen year olds the United States could see a significant number of teenage lives saved. It is

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1458 words - 6 pages until they are in college. One of the biggest arguments that young adults use for the lowering of the drinking age is that they can enlist in the military but they cannot go buy a drink. Arguments against that is that drinking is not an inherent right, given to us by the Constitution. The United States Supreme Court “ruled on Dec. 22, 1978 that MLDA 21 is ‘reasonably related to a state objective of reducing highway crashes.’” The Supreme Court

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614 words - 2 pages drink in hand.When the binge drinking lowers, drunk driving will also. People have argued that in the time era before 1984 drunken driving fatalities were higher then they are. Although this is true, “a lot of the facts have to do with distances between states with different drinking ages were longer then the distances students travel now to go and get alcohol. Also the technologies in cars and use of safer airbags have helped that statistic