The Psychological Aspects Of Bullying Essay

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In the past few years, bullying has gotten so bad that people decided to take their own lives to escape the pain. Bullies use violent behaviors to harm their victims verbally and physically. Usually, the victim is too frightened to fight back and too embarrassed to inform adults. People choose to bully others for a broad range of reasons (media or the want for power), but not getting love and attention from dysfunctional families is the main reason ("Why do people bully?" n.d.). In the end, however, everyone experiences consequences. The bullies become lonely and violent while the victims suffer from depression. Family and societal issues have led many people to become aggressive and think that it is permissible to deliberately humiliate others; they will then gain an overwhelming power and a sense of autonomy from watching their victims' pain, which causes them to not realize the negative outcomes that they might encounter like loneliness, depression, and possibly even death.
Most people believe that bullying is using verbal abuse purposefully to control other people ("Bullying info and facts" n.d.). It can occur anywhere; there are many diverse explanations to why people choose to practice this violent behavior. Some of the reasons could be because of the culture, family, or society ("Why do people bully?" n.d.). Usually, children look up to their parents as role models and follow in their footsteps. In certain home environments, parents can be over-demanding by using power, and cannot provide attention or warmth to their children. These kids lose their freedom, and so they think that they can gain it back by dominating over other individuals. In certain cultures, such as where boxing or other violent sports are promoted, violence is encouraged. Winning and watching other teams get humiliated gives major satisfaction in these areas. These children will lose the ability to empathize, as well as consider violence and bullying as normal behaviors. In addition, the media portrays that acting negatively can get a person more recognized than behaving properly. These children will begin to act and hurt other kids, with the idea of becoming more popular in school or other places. It will seem to them that negative attention is better than none at all.
Basically, bullying is when people use force to influence (mostly in a negative way) other people's actions. However, according to National Prevention Bullying Center, bullying behaviors can exist in many ways (n.d.). The other types of bullying, such as direct, indirect, and cyber, are much more complex than the actual stereotypical thinking. Physical attacks or calling names can be classified as direct, spreading rumors is indirect while using internet to humiliate people can be known as cyber bullying. Direct bullying is hurting just physically, but indirect and cyber is psychological (or mental) bullying ("Bullying info and facts" n.d.). Indirect bullying will have devastating affects on the victim...

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