The Psychological Effects Of A Cardiovascular Accident On A Patient

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The psychological effects of a cardiovascular accident on a patientOur patient, Peter, is 42 years old. He is married and has two children, a daughter, who is 13 and a son, who is 11. Peter is highly qualified; whose job requires a lot of travelling and human contact. He suffered a cardiovascular accident when he was at home with his family a month ago. His life lacks certain risk factors, he does not smoke; drinks only socially and frugally. He is emotionally stable and enjoys a happy marriage and family life.There are a few risk factors; he has one great source of stress, his work. He has a familiar history of cardiovascular disease and also his blood pressure is high.The CVA he suffered affected him in many ways. His emotional and psychological well-being, his adjustment to the environment, his movement has changed. His right side shows weakness and he has a mild expressive dysphasia. Certain therapeutic goals have been set for him, e. g. improve walking, dressing practice, work around the house.His wife reported situations when he gets irritated. He has difficulties to sleep and has occasional episodes of uncontrollable crying or laughter. Peter has a changed relationship with her wife; he feels their relationship lost some of the previous intimacy.A cardiovascular accident is a life-changing event by most of the patients, not only for Peter. Survivors require a lot of physical and emotional effort on the way of recovery every day. Certain symptoms are more perceptible and obvious, but others are less evident even for the patients and their families. (Thompson, Ryan, 2009) Cardiovascular accident patients can have various psychosocial symptoms and areas of problems. They show lower level of adjustment and adaptation, have insufficient communication and their social relationships are weakened. Lower self-esteem is also very characteristic, and problems with everyday tasks, e. g. dressing. Dressing is a serious problem for cardiovascular accident survivors, because 54% of them are unable to dress independently six months after the cardiovascular accident. (Walker, et al. 2011)According to Rozinski et al (1999) the five most commonly affected areas of the patients' lives are depression, anxiety, personality factors and character traits, social isolation and, finally chronic life stress.Post-stroke depression is the most common consequence of a cardiovascular accident; it is also the most accessible for therapeutic intervention. Other frequently occurring symptoms are dementia, anxiety disorders, emotional incontinence, paranoid disorders and mania. Post-stroke symptoms and especially depression are often left without recognition and therapy. (Altindag, et al. 2008) The correlation between the localization of the cerebral lesion and post-stroke depression is a much debated issue. Biological factors are more important in the early phases of cardiovascular accident, but in the late phase social factors play a more important role. After the...

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