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The Psychological Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Have you ever heard the statistic passed around ‘50% of all marriages end in divorce’? Of course you have, by the time most everyone hits high school they have probably heard it so many times they are tired of it. But one thing that is hardly ever talked about is; what effect, psychologically, does this have on the child from that family? The stress on a child created by a divorce is not permanent, but can cause lasting effects into adulthood. Because almost everyone has heard ‘50% of all marriages end in divorce’; the thought of what does the child go through should be just as common. There is almost no getting around the fact that the child will suffer because of the divorce at some point. What does the child go through? How do they cope with it? How does this affect their grades? Are they more likely to get a divorce too if they get married? This is just some of what a child of divorce is likely to face, that is why this is something that deserves serious thought.
To clarify, generally children that are young during the time of the divorce are the ones that are more likely to have adverse effects to it. Not to say that someone older than a young child can not be effected, but for the sake of how this effects a larger number of young children, it just seems that it needs more focus. With children they are unable to understand what is going on, and lack the comprehensive ability to explain the help they need. While someone more mature is able to determine that they need help, and have the means to seek help or cognitively think it through.
A child of divorce is likely to think that it is their fault, as Lesley Foulkes-Jamison puts it; they “tend to be egocentric at this age, and will often blame themselves for the divorce.” For a child growing up that is a lot of stress to deal with, and they may even feel that they have to try and get their parents back together. According to Foulkes-Jamison the feeling that they are responsible for making sure their parents get back together can even carry on past early...

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