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The Psychological Effects Of Divorce On The Members Of A Family

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Divorce is a word that haunts many young children. Kids don't understand why it's happening; all they know us that they now have two homes, two families, two Christmases. The lives of every member of the family are forever changed. Everything they know and are familiar with will be different. This significant shift in lifestyle can cause many effects on various age groups of people. When a married couple is miserable and unhappy, considering divorce seems like the only answer. Some parents do not consider how much the divorce will affect their lives, along with the lives of their children. When a married couple gets divorced, children in the family have trust issues, teens become rebellious, and the couple themselves often go into severe depression or sadness.
Effects on Adults
The lives of adults who go through a divorce are changed forever. They often times experience financial difficulties, and have troubles providing for themselves due to the lack of two incomes. They now have to pay bills and buy groceries and clothing with only one salary. With only one person helping out around the house, taking care of chores becomes more of a hassle. Adults also experience numerous emotional changes like depression, anxiety, guilt, aggression, substance abuse, etc. (Derichs) Research also show that many adults often have trouble making future relationship commitments. They no longer believe in love and find it very difficult to trust others again. Their self-esteem is extremely damaged during the divorce and it can cause some to refuse to put themselves in a dating
Effects on Young Children
Young children whose parents go through a divorce often have different reactions than other members of the family. Seeing their parents loss of love can cause them to lose trust in their parents to provide for them. Up until this point in their life, their parents provided them with everything. Young children are completely dependent on their parents and expect them to always be there for them, so when suddenly only one parent is present at all times they feel unstable, uncomfortable, and insecure. (Pickhardt, 2011) These feelings usually have a tendency to lead to anxieties, wetting the bed, clinging, and whining.Often times young children will rely on wishful thinking, that the family will rekindle their old way of living and the parents will find love and happiness again, to ease the pain and confusion. This idea the children gets comes from false hope fueled when their parents sit together at sporting events, holidays, and other...

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