The Psychological Reasons Behinds Colors Used In The Fast Food Industry

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advertisement, is a “paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc.” It is a term used by much but the concept of it is understood by few. the concept of advertisements are not just simple ways of marketing a product but it is much more in depth think people actually think it is. the concept of advertisement goes way beyond the visual that everybody sees, it goes into a concept that plays with the human mind in ways that surprises many.
fast food restaurant, is a “specific type of restaurant characterized both by its fast food cuisine and by minimal table service.” fast food restaurant for years has been known for their great burgers and ...view middle of the document...

the color red, is known by many just for it's bright, eye catching beauty, but not to all. "Red is an appetite stimulator." it has been known by few that red stimulates the human appetite, in which it makes people want to eat more.
a study was done in a fine dining restaurant and in a fast food restaurant and it proved that even though people are in fast food restaurant, and they eat in a shorter amount of time, they do eat more. “ Interestingly results showed that even though participants in the fine-dining area ate for longer than those in the main eating area they actually consumed less food!” this quote proves that even though people stay longer in fine restaurants they eat less then when they eat in fast food restaurant in a shorter time.
yellow, not red but yellow is also very affecting to the human brain. “as yellow also increases appetite and respiration rate” yellow like red stimulates hunger yet, what makes yellow different from red is that it “increases respiration rate”. the increase is respiration rate makes humans eat more in a short amount of time.
yellow at first can cause a feeling of happiness and friendliness. “Yellow triggers the feelings of happiness and friendliness.” yellow can give off a sense that people are welcomed wherever they are or are being attracted to.

yellow also makes humans want to leave faster because yellow after a while gets annoying. “too much of intense primary yellows might be perceived as annoying.” since yellow does “increase respiration rate”, makes people nervous or annoyed. that causes them to want to leave quicker.
yellow and red individually have great effects on the human mind but together they have an even greater one. “When you combine red and yellow it’s about speed, quickness. In, eat and out again.” both colors together, make combination that is well and wisely used in the fast food industry.
these colors not only have great effect on the human mind but it also effects the transactions of the restaurant. “This is the best way for fast-food companies to generate sales.” the effect of red and yellow are a great way of making sales because, the colors together stimulates hunger which only makes people buy more, causing the restaurant to have more sales.
red and yellow are greatly used in advertisement. “they gain customers’ attention, increase their appetite, and encourage them to eat.” not only are these color greatly used to make current sales, they are also used to make future ones through marketing.
the colors, red and yellow, attract people`s attention very easily. “yellow is an attention getter.” these colors are used in advertisement of fast food because it attracts people in a way that they do not even know it. so that causes them to come into a fast food restaurant which, most are red, and that causes their appetite to be stimulated so, they end up buying more.
on the hand, other colors are not used in fast food advertisement for various reasons. those reasons vary from...

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