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The Psychology Of Fame Essay

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The progress of fame is closely related to the progress of technology and business. New technologies emerge and allow for new methods of communication. New forms of communication come with new forms of media and advertisement to target their audiences. A good example of this is the formation social networking such as Facebook and Twitter which encourage individuals to display themselves to a worldwide audience. In consequence, these growing social media sources are prime locations for business to place advertisements because of the growing audience.
As new innovations emerge, a societies’ values and norms may adapt accordingly to fit with new trends and norms the citizens will adopt. Therefore, according to Uhls and Greenfield of the University of California, a rapid expansion of Internet and technologies from 1967-2007 could be tied to new values such as personal achievement and financial success which were not defining values of previous generations. These new values are prevalent in Western societies where capitalism is the voice behind the economy and students are offered more education programs than were ever seen before. This is to ensure and encourage the success of as many citizens as possible.
Behind the media, success is presented as an ideal life. Commercials will target specific age groups and display a product bringing the audience’s life to its’ full potential. For example as seen in many car advertisements, a Truck commercial will display a fun time for middle aged men and sports cars will target young adults with a need for speed. This is no different from children’s TV shows displaying an ideal life for other kids their age. A well-known show targeting young teenagers, Hannah Montana, presents a life where a normal girl can also have fame (321). Uhls and Greenfield followed a theory that believes each “sociodemographic” element, the definitive factor of a society, is equivalent to another until one element undergoes rapid change and becomes a defining element in society. In the case of this study, the element measured is the desire for fame.
This study found how children targeted by the media focus their future success on their desire for fame and leisure. This is a constant finding in developed countries, where an ideal partner would be one who is an athletic, laid-back person, while in underdeveloped countries an idea partner would be someone who has responsibilities (316). This suggest a major dilemma for future generations where desires for leisure, glamour and popularity over hard work, solving problems and fulfilling self-potentials.
It seems evident as to how this phenomenon if “fame” is becoming so dominant in Western societies, but not why is it the fact. John Malbity (et al. 2008) sought to determine patterns in the thought processes of those who desired to be famous among the general population. Within two linked studies, personality traits were used to describe the characters of people who would desire to be...

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