The Psychosocial Impact Of A Skin Condition

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Don’t judge a book by its cover is one of the greatest known metaphorical phrases in human history. People constantly identify with and attempt to apply the concept in everyday life; yet our society has constructed a paradigm in which the perfection of your skin predetermines your social interactions in life. Likewise it is important to comprehend that it is not only on the side of society’s judgements which determines your interactions, but it is also that of the lowered self-esteem of the individual. To garner apposite knowledge, the task at hand required the interviewing of a person with a skin condition with the aim to internalise and reflect upon the biopsychosocial as well as cultural ...view middle of the document...

Even in the current day of advanced medicine the true cause of psoriasis is largely a mystery, with the unchanged prognosis of no cure.3

Even though she Jane had large, itchy red patches on her upper body, ever the child she continued playing and enjoying life, however little did she realise her life was forever changed. As a result of the condition she developed hypersensitivity to creams, perfumes and all other products placed on the skin which contained added aromatic compounds. The psoriasis developed the triggers of cold weather, injury to the skin, sunburn and later stress which lead to a severe and immediate worsening of the condition. This meant a complete change in life for her as child and as any child would she found it disheartening and unfair due to the physical exclusion of being able to play with makeup, go out in the sun, and swim in the pool. Ultimately, as described in the psychological impact of psoriasis by Hong, Koo & Koo4, it lead to emotions of anger and the frustration of not being a normal child who is able to partake in all the physical elements that life has to offer.
However, psoriasis is not a disease of one, although it cannot be transmitted to surrounding people it is a disease of social support with the help of medical professionals thereby being treated as not only as a somatic manifestation, but inclusive of its stigmatisation and ultimately its psychological impacts.5 In this case the family was that support, even though at the time of the diagnosis there was nothing which could fully control the psoriasis the family never gave up hope. As a result Jane at the age of 14 tried an oxygen based product which came available and by that stage, after almost giving up in...

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