The Public Display Of The Confederate Flag

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Argumentative EssayDanny SpencerPHL 251Tony HansonMay 23, 2005The Public Display of the Confederate FlagIntroductionThe Confederate Battle Flag's design has been a widely debated and argued issue in the southeast part of the United States. Why is the flag considered a racist symbol? Those opposed to the individual statehouses flying the flag go to extensive lengths to get the practice stopped. However, others feel that the states are losing a part of their history when the flags are forcibly removed. While political correctness is important in this country, there are good reasons why the flags design should not be destroyed. This discussion is centered on the design of the Confederate Battle Flag but what is important to understand is that there appears to be a double standard being applied, sometimes in ignorance, sometimes blatantly towards this issue. The history of the flags design will be discussed, what the flag stands for, and how the flag should be viewed in today's modern times.Three Arguments for the Restoration of the Confederate FlagHistorical HeritageThe Confederate Flag (or Southern Cross) can trace its origins all the way back to the time of Jesus Christ. The flag was originally designed to represent the principles of personal freedom and a small national government, unlike the United States. The "X" design on the flag comes from the symbol for St. Andrew of Scotland. Andrew was an apostle of Jesus Christ, who, according to tradition, was responsible for spreading the Christian faith throughout Greece and Asia Minor. (Gittings 2002) Around 69 AD, when Andrew was approx. 85 years old, he was put to death by the Roman government for spreading the gospel of Christ. As with many criminals during the Roman control, Andrew was executed via the cross. Being a faithful follower of Jesus, Andrew requested that the cross he was nailed to be turned on its side after his death because he felt unworthy to die in the same manner as Jesus. In the many years to follow, Andrew's remains were moved to what we call Scotland today, and the "X" symbol became a representation of Andrew's cross laying on its side.The flag was created during the American Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865 and took nearly 600,000 our own American citizens. The war occurred after the Democratic Party lost control of the national government to the new Republican Party. The division between the two political parties centered mostly on the issue of slavery. The "slave" states wanted all new states in the western part of the growing United States to also be slave states. The northern states wanted the new territory to be deemed "free states". This issue eventually led the southern states to break away and start their own country known as the "Confederate States of the South." During the civil war, the confederacy designed a new battle flag to fly during their engagements with the North, thus the Confederate flag was born. Due to the high number of Scottish immigrants...

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