The Public Perspective On Mental Health And Adolescence Essex County College Research Paper

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    Current interest in mental health among adolescents has been driven in many decades by social and public opinions, issuing several of general perspectives and ideas about mental illness and its factors. The increasing attention has also resulted in stigmatization, discrimination, and other important issues pertaining the well-being and human rights of young individuals sharing these illnesses. Equally, despite mental health disorders acquiring only a small percentage of the various psychiatric disorders, it has been a heeding concern for the psychologists, sociologists, and other professionals in relation to its effect on society. This paper provides an overview of mental health disorder in adolescence as well as an introduction to a few mental disorders and their effect on social norms and treatments. Furthermore, a brief discussion on mental illness in association with stigma and discrimination will occur.
   In Harris Williams book Mental Disorders in the Classical World, he asked the question "What is mental illness and How can it be diagnosed?” presenting a definition illustrated in the Ancient Greece by both doctors and philosophers. The response found in his studies was written by Galen which appropriated both physical and physiological illnesses as simply mental illness. For instance, Galen defines "illness, whether physical or psychic, by reference to detectable damage to a function" (Williams. 130). Leaving aside the physical properties of 'mental illness', the vital functions that were discussed included parts such as “the brain, the heart, the liver... on which other parts of the body are dependent:" (William. 130). The idea behind Galen's approach towards physical illness and mental illness is to treat the body in its entirety because you apply the same reasoning and treatment to the two illnesses. For instance, in the case of treating loss of memory, you identify the damaged part of the brain that causes damage to its functioning. Thus, you take care of the body as a whole.
   However, today’s perspective on mental illness shares a different path in definition and treatment. While it is true that mental illness acquires a deep connection to the physical well-being of the body, it is also important to note that there are, according to modern studies, a profound linkage between mental illness and other complex elements in an individual's life and social health. To provide evidence, “Psychiatric problems are often complex, with a basis in many different areas of a person’s life (such as brain chemistry, relationships, and stressors in the environment) and potential effects in every area of a person’s life, from school to family life to friendships" (Hazen 18). These psychiatric evaluations are of course not limited to social triggers, but they are oftentimes integrated with everyday activities which increases...


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