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Book Analysis Of The Punch

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The author unfolds the events as a flashback, where the story starts with a memory and goes back into chronological order, and that’s also how the author tells how the story is introduced and developed. The author starts the story with how the unfortunate accident between Rudy Tomjanovich and Kermit Washington during a Lakers against Rockets game. The story tells about how the accident affected Rudy and Kermit and how their lives were changed after the incident. It start out by introducing the characters background and how they entered the NBA and the events that lead toward the incident.
Rudy was introduced as a white boy living in Hamtramck, Michigan. He was a decent basketball player growing up and excelled towards his high school career when he received help from his coaches and ended up being one of the star players on his team, He played so well that he received a scholarship from the University of Michigan and got drafted into the NBA by the Rocket’s second overall pick in the draft.
Kermit was introduced a black boy growing up in Washington D.C. Although never played basketball until his high school years and wasn’t worried about school, he improved all of that when was later dedicated by his brother and coaches. He tried out for the basketball team and was cut in his freshman year. He was dedicated to a sport because of his brother, who achieved the best grades and played football as a star received scholarships from all schools, and took the Harvard scholarship due to his education. He had the dedication that his coach eventually let him on the team after continuous begging. He later tried at a camp and was noticed by the coaches by his speed and his hard-working ethics that every coach looked for. Kermit attended American University after a scholarship and got drafted into the NBA by the Laker’s fifth overall pick.
It starts with how the Rockets and the Lakers struggled to make the Championship and how they turned it around by trading certain players for their number one draft picks. The Rockets and the Lakers eventually played each other in the Divisions on November 13, 1978. Kermit and Kunnert were physically hitting each other, back then they were allowed whereas now they get ejected and fined/suspended, and a player from the Rockets split up the fight by holding Kunnert who was their teammate. That lead Washington open and he hit Kunnert, while he was pinned, on the upper part of his skull. Rudy noticed the punch and went running to...

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