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The Purpose Driven Life Essay

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Everyday we live our lives according to how we want to because we have been given that freedom. We go to classes and perform up to our potential. We enjoy spending time with friends and partaking in social gatherings. But what if that was all taken away from you? Would you know where to turn. What if God decided to lay a purpose for you and you couldn't see the outcome. Sometimes life can seem that way. This story illustrates the trust that Mary and Joseph had for their Heavenly Father, and how, at times was terrifying, turned out to glorify God.It was a warm night in the town on Nazareth and Mary and Joseph were just settling down for the evening. They had just recently been married and were very excited about spending their lives together. Mary cooked an excellent dinner and they slept very peacefully most of the night. But then all of a sudden an angel whose name was Gabriel came down from heaven and woke Mary up. She was startled but somehow remained quiet so she wouldn't disturb Joseph. The light was blinding and it was hard to make out what was going on. She pinched herself a couple of times just to make sure she wasn't dreaming until she was satisfied that this must be real. The angel spoke to her and told her that the Lord is with you. This initially frightened Mary until she realized that this was an angel of the Lord. Gabriel told her that she was with child and that He would be the Son of God.Mary's mind was racing faster than the Indy 500. So many thoughts flashed by that she couldn't comprehend them all. One thought in particular caught her attention. She was a virgin. How could she be with child? Before she could even ask though, the angel spoke out, almost as if he was reading her mind. The angel said, "Don't worry Mary, this child is from God." Mary didn't know what to think. Why did God pick her to be His mother? I don't know anything.The sun was just coming up over the horizon and the light was piercing the darkness. Mary was already up, troubled from the events that happened throughout the night. She didn't know how long she could keep it from Joseph but knew he eventually had to know. So Mary decided that she would tell him over breakfast. When he found out the news, he was mortified. His wife was pregnant and hadn't even slept together yet. How could this be? Mary explained that an Angel appeared and that this...

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