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The Purpose Of Feminist Legal Theory

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Appearance, however it doesn’t determine moral, psychological, and social manner. To sum it up feminist legal theory purses to deliver how the law played a role in women’s previous lower ranked status and focuses on changing women’s previous status by a revising of the law and taking alternate approaches towards sex and gender. Last but not least Professor Nicola Lacey’s “general principle” supports what the purpose of feminist legal theory is. Professor Nicola Lacey talks about gendered assumptions present in the general principle, in other word saying that the laws are very extensive and results in undetailed analysis of the difference between men and women (Susan Brophy, 2014, Lecture 8A). This theory gives us to think if women and man has total equality in our society.
Now, I would like to apply feminist legal theory to the Bedford case, the case it self shows that there is a need to revise the law that is discriminated and biased towards women. Therefore, we can find various facts in this case that is related the feminist legal theory. First, I can start of by informing how there are unbelievable amounts of academic violence against sex workers in our community and how our political process failed to address constitutional law. As I mentioned before, feminist theorist believe that there is a barrier in gender when it comes to equality in the society, which in this case we can relate it to how these women’s are considered less value and less than human in many ways. The law has decided not to protect these sex workers when their job itself is not criminalized. We can also relate how the law or the society is some what biased, for instance there was one individual who were the victim of violent assault just because they are involved in prostitution. When the victim reported to the police she was told that she deserved it and to come back after a week to file a report however she was charged with soliciting and the authority discontinued looking for the victim. In other words this incident was arbitrary, when violence is considered higher crime, it was voided due to bias against sex workers. These incidents explain how there are still various points about how barriers exist when it comes to equality in gender. In fact these women should be focusing what safe interaction is, on the other hand they worry about avoiding criminal law detection and prosecution that violates their safety. The Bedford case and the argument about sex workers right itself relates to feminist legal theory, from the background of what these women are going through, to the case and the social transformation by revising the law itself is changing the biased lower value of women to have equal value like the rest of the society. In my personal opinion if the law can serve people without any money, connection, and power, it should serve everyone in our society equally. At this point religious, spiritual, or moral values towards sex workers doesn’t...

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