The Purpose Of Human Resource Management Policies In Organisations

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The human resource management plan outlined above covers key areas that require attention in the growth of Merton Campaign Society. Using SMART analysis, the objectives of the HRM plan have been set in a way that they are realistic and sustainable. However, the plan could have been supported by key indications about the available funds for human resource activities and the mechanisms used in the prioritization of human resource projects. In addition, an outline of how the timelines would be achieved would have helped in clarifying the plan. Moreover, short term plans ought to have been distinguished from long term plans.
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The Purpose of Human Resource Management Policies in Organisations
Human resource policies refer to a set of formal regulations and guidelines formulated by human resource departments to govern the hiring, assessment, training, remuneration and dismissal of employees. These policies and practices must comply with existing labour laws and regulations. Human resource management policies also cover equality and equity, benefits, working hours and leaves, employee discipline, intellectual property and drug use.
In the organisational setting, human resource policies contribute towards establishing organisational structure and culture. If certain policies such as those governing safety in the workplace, performance assessment and appraisal, employee discipline and working hours were to be eliminated, most work settings of organisations would be completely chaotic. In this respect, HR policies govern the relationships among employees as well as interactions between employees and managers.
Human resource policies are created to oversee employee welfare and ensure fairness (David 2004). These policies ensure equal opportunities for employment as well as equal treatment in the workplace. Human resource policies, therefore, protect employees from exploitation and unwarranted discrimination.
In addition, HRM policies aid in performance management and maintenance of ‘best HR practices’ (Boxall & Purcell 2003). These policies are significant during the analysis of business performance and human resource activities. Besides enhancing the adoption of best practices, HRM policies facilitate consistency and efficiency. This is important in Human resource management since inconsistency can cause worker discontent and conflict in the workplace. HRM policies not only assist in the formulation of strategic goals but also assist in the definition and redefinition of an organisation’s strategic direction.
The Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Human Resource Policies in an Organisation
There are many legal provisions that govern the relationships between employers and employees and work environment. The Employment Act of 2008, for instance, describes the essential terms of labour for employees in the private and public sectors. The act applies to all forms of employment apart from the military and the police, who, due to the...

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