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The Purpose Of Risk And Quality Management: The Case Of Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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Purpose of risk and quality management
It is no secret that risk is prevalent in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations carry a large amount of risk just in their daily operations. Healthcare organizations not only have to worry about risks to their patients, but their staff, financial stability, or even a natural disaster. A healthc organization must have a risk management department with trained and qualified individuals that know how to handle various issues within the organization. At Janssen, they have a lot of risk when it comes to their product. They have compliance laws that must be meticulously followed to prevent severe punishments such as multi-million ...view middle of the document...

Educating individuals about medicine and the uses that they are used for is an important piece for Janssen. They must constantly maintain quality at Janssen to ensure that their employees are doing their job properly. Quality for the doctors and patients must continue to be of the highest standards and produce a quality product that will continue to satisfy all parties involved. Education will also play a key role for that concept. Educating not only employees, but the consumers as well. According to McLaughlin, Johnson, and Sollecito (2012) “Data availability has increased further in the 21st century and has been characterized by greater information access by individuals and organizations to complex information sources via the Internet.”

Managing Risks and How Risks Affect Quality
Janssen provides medicines that have many great benefits and they know the risks that are involved and know they are not risk free. As stated before, it is important to Janssen to make their consumers are well informed about their medications, making sure they know the proper way to use. Patients being well informed by their doctors, and doctors being educated by Janssen about their product will potentially eliminate health risks and litigation. Janssen advises patients to do their own research, aside from seeking their doctor’s advice, on their medications just as a way for the patient to become a more informed consumer. Janssen also tells patients that avoiding medical errors is a key way to of getting the full benefit of their medication and also to minimize the risk of side effects. They provide a list of common medication errors to give the patient tips on what to look for and that list is made readily available to their consumers. Janssen also provides a product label that is a wealth of information for their consumers. This product label is also known as a package insert that basically acts as a guide for the medications. This is helpful for Janssen especially if the patient’s doctor or pharmacist fails to give the patient information about their medications.
Medication mix-ups can be an extremely dangerous and costly mistake. If Janssen sends medication out labeled as a certain medication but is actually a different medication then what is labeled, the outcome could be fatal. This could not only damage Janssen’s reputation, but could cost them a large amount of money, not to mention the possibility of a patient’s life. Their medication is labeled with a specific sequence of letters or numbers that act as a code, which identifies the medication. Because pharmaceuticals can be profitable, the risks of employees stealing may be potentially higher than a non-pharmaceutical organization. This can cost the organization large amounts of money, and also run the risk of employees taking the medication for non-medical reasons. This can also lead to reduced quality for Janssen.
Internal and External Factors
Pharmaceutical companies that are as large as Janssen are...

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