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The Pursuit Of The Reformation Was Not So Much About Altruistic Motive Of Saving People's Soul As It Was About The Quest For Power

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This statement is true, and can be seen in the reformation in Europe started by Martin Luther. The main issues of this case are the rise of Protestantism trying to take over Catholicism, the use of the Printing Press as a form of propaganda, and avenues of power and corruption within the movement. All of these led to a movement in terms of trying to dethrone Catholicism, but in the end became covetous and only wanted power for its own gain.The rise of Protestantism can be attributed to Martin Luther, who challenged the Church for its beliefs, especially the sale of indulgences, where people could literally buy their way into heaven. At this time, there was already a crisis of faith against the Church, so this reformation was a perfect vanguard for the people to challenge the institution of the Church. Even if it was false and unethical for the Church, this was the first sign of a quest for power as Martin Luther only wanted to abolish certain Catholic ordinances such as indulgences and sacraments only to lay his own rules down. No matter what his opinion was, it is wrong to scorn other people's beliefs because of what you think is right. Also, this can be seen as a form of scare tactics trying to distress people about the Church's plot to maintain control over the people. This is why he acted out so politically and institutionally against the ChurchThe printing press was a remarkable invention. It transformed the way humans could interact with each other, and taught them new, exciting things about life outside the Church. Before Gutenberg's invention, the Church were the only ones who controlled the flow of books, and consequently, could write anything they wanted in order to control man to follow it. However, the invention of the Printing Press allowed Luther. This is because like other movement leaders, he felt that scripture was the guide to religious life. This in turn caused a wave throughout Europe as different people followed Luther in his fight in their respected countries. In the Diet of Worms, Luther refused to recant his writings, thus laying the way for the split of Christendom. What was important about the scriptures Luther wrote was that like the Church...

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