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The Push For Cone Beam Computed Tomography

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Dentistry is a field of exactness and the upmost precision. Today, most dentist continue to use the limited 2D plaster models that only show the teeth and gums from a lateral position showing only the outside and the inside of the mouth. Plaster models tend to only show the visible, apparent problems that may be wrong with a patient but cannot effectively showcase the many other possibilities that may be causing a patient to have malocclusions and misalignments of the jaw. Cone beam computed tomography shows the roots of the teeth with precision while also displaying the bones in the head so that any anomaly can easily be noticed and allow for easier work. There have also been specific studies to determine how each person varies in their nasal passages and how this can cause certain problems in each case. Overall, Cone Beam Computed Tomography proves to be the best option for orthodontists to use because it accurately scans the facial structure and teeth allowing for the ultimate amount of precision by orthodontists when dealing with the amount of space teeth need to be moved and compare that with the forces particularly required to achieve a satisfactory product. With this being said, Cone Beam Computed Tomography should be pushed widespread into the field of Orthodontics so that in cases of great complexity patients with the proper health can be properly helped with their situations. This technology can successfully bring the accuracy into the field needed to deal with the variety of cases presented each and every day to Orthodontists around the world. There is the question of using radiation on people with no regard, causing problems that would cancel all the good that would later be done. However, there are facts that show that Cone Beam Computed Tomography releases a smaller amount of radiation than other methods of taking such images release. Though there may be no definite and clear reasons to bring this method of scanning and analyzing the facial structures, only positive things can be found concerning the topic that will ultimately better the field and lead to an advancement which will only be appreciated. Cost of the equipment is of a reasonable price and will soon after not matter at all once the benefits are seen. All orthodontists should be required to obtain this equipment so that their treatment planning and future appointments can more precisely be planned to optimize the efficiency of their work. Adopting this technique can and will only force orthodontics become an improved power in the area of dentistry.
Cone Beam Computed Tomography is an innovation from the original computed tomography machinery that scan the entire body to see the most precise of any organ or bone that may need to be seen in a patient. The Cone Beam Computed Tomography system only scans regions in the head however. “The images and data scanned can then be used to make 3-Dimensional models of the areas scanned including the teeth, jaw, neck,...

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