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The Pyramid Of Wealth Essay

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America has been fostering poor people with streets to live in and dumpsters to dive in. Living in the avenue of America where the battle amongst man has become within himself and a problem to society. They are trying to stay alive, searching for food and shelter. With homeless rates sky rocketing to increasingly large numbers for various reason, for example, recession taking a toll and a personal choice. Furthermore, Dr. Ted Galen Carpenter, a senior fellow for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute author and publisher of many articles and books about military defense informs us that, America's tax money goes into the military budget, which consumes about 5 percent of our gross domestic product, approximately to seven hundred billion (Carpenter). Funding tax payer’s money on sending out troops to build shelters and protect foreign countries. Also having nonprofit organization sending abundant money feeding and sheltering various countries, however not focusing on our very own problem at home. If every man is created equal, why must we kick a man when they are already down? It is only moral to redirect America’s capital to eliminate poverty, by providing a successful method by not over taxing citizens and using more of the tax-payer’s money on human care rather than military funds and to reduce crime rate.
Recession approached America like an unexpected tornado, leaving many people appalled. Not having any discrimination the citizens of America based on race or gender, leaving many people jobless and suffering the disadvantages it brought. One of the victims was Pamela Brown, single mother of three that was fired from Bank of America, which forced her to leave her apartment that she no longer could afford and be on welfare, her monthly income reduced to eight hundred and eighteen for her family of three living in New York (Ratner). New York and California are two of the most expensive states to live in. Eight hundred and eighteen dollars is not sufficient money to feed and house a family of four. With the rapid increase of poverty in “2010 and 2011, the national poverty rate increased from 15.3% to 15.9%. This represents an almost 5% increase in the number of persons living in poverty; more than 48 million people were living in poverty in 2011”. (US Interagency Council). With these numbers rapidly increasing every year, this leaves our country in a downfall for many American families. People should be able to live on an acceptable income and not have to rely on their monthly paycheck to survive. However, the government mainlined money into Wall Street's ready veins, $193 billion through TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program] alone (Ratner). The government had enough money to repair Wall Street back to new and leaving mothers like Pamela Brown and many other victims scrapping the surface to provide for themselves and their family. If a part of the $193 billion that was given to TARP, was given to provide job fairs, and...

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