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As of today, there are currently one hundred and thirty-eight massive structures, known as pyramids, located on the west bank of the Nile river, near Giza, Egypt. Each one of these was built by hand, during the Old and Middle Kingdoms, which was from about 3000 B.C. to about 1650 B.C. Every historian has their own idea as to what the pyramids are actually used for, are they used as a passage to the afterlife for Pharoahs, or is it something as simple as a safe spot for when the Nile floods? Either way, it raises several questions about the pyramids. Quite simply, the answers to those questions lie in the cold hard facts. There is a large possibility that the pyramids could have simply been ...view middle of the document...

Now, more specifically, the pyramids were built near Giza, Egypt. Both of theses locations are on the west bank of the Nile river. The country of Egypt is located in the north-eastern corner of Africa. As the country gets closer to the Mediterranean Sea, its elevation decreases to almost sea level. Now, knowing that water likes to sit in low lying areas, upper Egypt would be the perfect spot for water to sit and build up. “The western bank is regularly washed up by the flowing water of the river heading straight to the north as Earth spins from the west to the east.” says Mikhail Volgin. Meaning, if in the event of the Nile’s water levels rising, any overflow could spill over into a nearby city or town and cause devastating damage. Egypt could very easily be completely wiped out in the event of a flood. Egyptians most likely knew this, and to them a simple alternative could be to build massive pyramids to house the population inside and use it as a safe spot in the event of a disaster. On top of the location of Egypt, the pyramids also had their structural design that could help protect themselves from water. The basic structure of the pyramids was made out of huge stone blocks that weighed up to two and a half tons each. A block that big by itself could withstand large amounts of water, let alone, many of the stacked on top of each other. The pyramids were so well constructed, not even a piece of paper can be slid between any of the blocks forming the pyramids. Building a structure that precise must have been used for something more than looks. After all of the inside blocks were put into place, the outside of the pyramid was covered in limestone. Limestone is known for being a very strong, water-resistant stone. Many natural structures are made from water that has eroded away limestone over millions of years. The fact that the natural structures left behind are made of limestone says that this element has to be extremely strong when it comes to surviving the elements, which could very well come in handy when trying to survive a flood. It also gave the pyramids a nice, white glow on the outside. Now that the outside is complete it is time to focus on the inside. Typically, the burial chamber is located in the center of the pyramid, away from all of the outside disturbances. Connected to that room is several other rooms, each one sealed off from all of the others. Inside, along with the Pharaoh, is several priceless items and other resources necessary for survival. In case of a major disaster, and the whole town decided to move into one of the pyramids, there would be tools and other objects for the people to use and survive, and it would contain any valuable items that would not get lost or damaged in the event of a disaster. In the event of survival it is always good to plan ahead in order to ensure the best possible chances of living. Aside from what is in the chambers, their location itself is also vital. In the first few pyramids built, the...

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