The Qualities Of A Successful Student

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Excellence in a learning environment can only be achieved by acquiring and maintaining several aspects of a person’s identity, those being: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Throughout my high school career I have consistently demonstrated these characteristics, having moved three times during my high-school experience, going through one virtual school, and two physical schools, it has been a challenge to be a part of teams and groups; yet I have thrived in the programs I have been able to join, showing that I have the potential for leadership, As well as having a sense of scholarship, service and character.
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I have been told on multiple occasions that my character is exceptionally adept. Whatever the situation, I try to follow the golden rule of character which was taught in all of the schools I have attended over the years, “Treat others as you want to be treated,” this rule has been in my mind since first hearing it. I question myself everyday how I want others to treat me, and the response I tend to give myself that I want others to treat me like I am their equal; I believe this is how everyone wants to be treated, which supports my golden rule of character. I try to set an example of character in others around me, which coincides with the leadership skills that I have.
Though I have not had the opportunity to be the official leader of many groups in an educational environment, I prove my leadership abilities every day at a domestic level, particularly with my sister. Growing up with a sibling nearly a decade younger then myself, I have gone through ever increasing obstacles; whether changing diapers or babysitting, I have proved my worth when it comes to the responsibility of being a leader. Now, as a role model for a seven year old girl, I try to teach her right from wrong and protect her to the best of my ability; but the true key to being a leader is getting someone to do something that they are not inclined to do, and when it comes to cleaning up toys or going to bed I am a true leader. In classroom environments, I set a good example among my peers during classroom assignments, I try to take charge to make sure that work is completed accordingly, and that everyone does their jobs. While in a more in a community based environment I have hardly ever had the privilege of being leader, having only served the community as a person a single part of larger systems that work for the better of community.
Service to me is the process of...

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