The Qualities Of A Good Sibling: An Evaluation Essay

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Siblings should always there for each other, willing to drop anything to help one another. Having a strong bond between siblings is one that can never be replaced. Even through tough times, siblings can overcome their differences. Most importantly, siblings provide each other with a built-in best friend. These are all important principles for a good sibling. I believe I am a good sister because I fit the criteria for what every sibling should meet.
First, I am a good sister because I am always there for my sisters, no matter what. Siblings should drop anything to help one another, and that is a quality I can proudly say I possess. According to Penn State professors Mark Feinberg and Susan McHale, and graduate student Anna Solmeyer, children with siblings feel more supported and cared for. I provide my sisters with love and support in any situation. No matter what the situation, they know they can be honest with me and I will not abandon them. For me, having sisters is a wonderful blessing because I feel like I will always have someone by my side. My sisters know I am always there for them, and I believe that qualifies me as a good sister.
In addition, I would qualify myself as a good sister because I have helped influence how my sisters have evolved into great people. Siblings have a huge influence on how each other’s personality develops and help to mold them as a person. According to Jeffrey Kluger, a writer for TIME, there has always been an argument regarding what is actually the most influential in shaping an individual. Many scientists believe our parents or even our genes are what shapes us the most. Kluger concluded that scientists are starting to believe our siblings are actually the greatest influence in the molding of one’s personality (“The New Science of Siblings”). When my sisters and I are compared, many similarities are present. We have picked up many traits and actions just by being near each other for so long. I would love to think I have helped shape my sisters into the amazing people they are.
On the contrary, I am not always the perfect sister because I sometimes take my sisters for granted. I sometimes find myself forgetting the important bond I have with my sisters. According to Denesh Bhugra, a professor of psychology, siblings are an easy choice when one needs to let out their anger. Many siblings find that they take most of their frustrations out on their siblings (490). Often I am...

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