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There are many different types of care within the care sector and it is within these, that service users and carers form relationships. Using the studies from the Open University K101 ’An Introduction to Health and Social Care’ block one material, we read of some of these types of care; family carers in the case of Ann and her step-father, Angus, who suffers from Parkinson’s, and formal carers; with Anwar and his newly diagnosed diabetes with the primary and secondary services. Then there are those employed to work in the home such as carer’s employed by an agency like Somebody Cares. This essay looks to analyse how the quality of the relationship affects the quality of care given and also how it affects the service user’s experience of receiving care using the above examples to illustrate my observations.
It is important to recognise that there are differences in relationships within care. A care plan for one person maybe that they require social interaction and to a degree, friendship. Whereas another person may need help with things and not so much a companionship. The relationship is dependant on the service user’s requirements. In a study of the domiciliary care company, Somebody Cares, (K101. Unit 3, pp 149 - 152) we are able to see examples of good care practice and how service users can benefit from having a carer. For example, Clarice receives morning care from Liz. Liz and Clarice have a healthy relationship within the hours that care is provided. Clarice is able to make decisions, set her preferences and leads the process of her care, and Liz respects Clarice in this. From this we hear that Clarice is very happy and comfortable with her care and feels able to stay at home and be independent. In some cases, physical care is not the only aspect required. In the case of Aerwyn, he benefits greatly from the relationship he has with his carer, Elvis. Although Aerwyn only has visits from Elvis two times a week, we are able to see that Elvis helps Aerwyn to live a life with opportunities and access to services that help him develop and maximise his potential, such as at a local computer class. Aerwyn requires friendship as part of his care plan and we are shown that he is uncomfortable with a carer wearing uniform and refers to Elvis as his friend, not his carer. It is in this type of relationship we can see Aerwyn trusting Elvis and enjoying his time with him which may not have been possible if they failed to connect in the way necessary.
This, unfortunately, is not always the case. Anwar goes to see his doctor when he begins to feel unwell. (K101, Unit 2, p 75) Anwar is unsure about his visit, worrying about whether what he is describing will be seen as trivial and whether or not the doctor will understand his English since it is his second language. Where Anwar was let down in his care was that in describing his health issues, he felt that he was not heard when he started to explain and that the doctor seemed to move on quickly and he...

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