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The Quarrel Between Philosophy And Poetry

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Though Plato’s case when it comes to the Sophists and his distaste for their use of rhetoric is valid, often times he doesn’t make sense of whether poetry, rather than the poet, is what he would consider as “good”. In essence, poetry is the vehicle for poets to take the basics of life which have inspired them, for instance nature, and projecting it onto their readers by bringing it to a heightened state, in this case, nature being presented as a form of unnatural cosmic energy. In Ion, Socrates states, “All good poets, epic as well as lyric, compose their beautiful poems not by skill, but through inspiration and possession” (Ion 7). Though here it can be assumed that “possession” would have a negative connotation to it, and Socrates does reaffirm this, it can subsequently, instead, be substituted as “passion”. Possession entails the poet composes their poems by losing all senses, yet poetry is a combination of senses, for the poet, in short, experiences the basics of life differently than someone who is not a poet. A passionate poet, instead of a possessed poet, doesn’t lose his or her senses but rather uses them to create poetry. Conversely, passion, or even being in the state of what Plato would consider to be irrational, is what consequently makes humankind fully human. The ontology of humans come from many different avenues of influence, but their state of being comes from the quest of insight. The act of coming to truth must be done from the basis of a humans own life. Though philosophy itself is a basis of truth, philosophy functions in poetry, for instance the poets philosophy on a topic, which inherently makes poetry able to be a means of truth as well. An example of this is seen in the Plato’s [book] Phaedrus when in Diotima’s argument she states, “Now, some people are pregnant in body, and for this reason turn more to women and pursue love in that way, providing themselves through childbirth with immortality and remembrance and happiness, as they think, for all to come; while others are pregnant in soul--because there surely are those who are even more pregnant in their souls than in their bodies, and these are pregnant with what is fitting for a soul to bear and bring to birth. And what is fitting? Wisdom and the rest of virtue, which all poets beget, as well as all the craftsmen who are said to be creative.” (56 symposium) Though Plato refers to her as a “perfect sophist” (55 symposium), Diotima’s argument holds leverage when considering poets bring wisdom and even virtue into existence through their poetry.
Nonetheless, the danger that lies in poetry is the intention of the poet as well as the interpretation of an individual who is assuming the role as a reader of poetry which both can hinder rational thought or the gain of knowledge. Specifically, when examining Ion and his love for Homer, Ion doesn’t seem to grasp the perpetuated ideals from the Homeric poetry, rather he becomes enthralled by the poetic language and the beauty of...

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