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The Queen Mother Essay

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The queen mother was the queen of England. My topic is important because she was royalty and played a big role in England’s history.
Elizabeth bowes-lyon was born in London on august 4, 1900. (pgs. 8 and 9 the queen mother) Elizabeth was the ninth child of her mother, lady Strathmore. Her family has lived in the glamis castle for six centuries. Most of her brothers and sisters were older. Her and younger brother David were very close. When he left for boarding school it broke is heart. She soon went to school in London for two terms. Elizabeth loved to learn.
On august 4, 1914 Elizabeth turned 14. That day world war two had begun. The castles 28 bedrooms were set up for wounded ...view middle of the document...

Elizabeth helped him get over it by standing next him during speeches. Princess Elizabeth the future queen was born in April 1926.marggaret was born in august 1930.Sadly the kids were left with nannies most of the time.
In 1936 king George the fifth died. This oldest son the Prince of Wales. The new king was very popular with the people. He never got married and enjoyed and exotic social life. He fell in love with an American girl but she was divorced and it was unthinkable for a king to Mary a divorced. Conclusion sentence for that paragraph. He left the crown for her and Bertie and Elizabeth had to become king and queen again. Her husband became king and took his father’s name. The coronation of the king was a complete disaster. In 1938 another world war was to start the family looked for allies in Canada, the United States, and France. Elizabeth was sure she would win them over .They became friends with President Roosevelt.

The war ended in 1945.The war years were tough years for the king that he never. King George felt responsible for his 400 million subjects. For two months they went on a tour in South Africa. The visit was the highlight of their reign. In 1939 there 13 year old daughter met the young cadet Philip of Greece. In 1947 they were married at west minster abbey. The following 1948 queen Elizabeth became a...

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