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The Queen Of Blood                  She Is Known As The

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The Queen of Blood She is known as the Queen of Blood and referred to as the first true vampire.These are fitting titles for a woman so demented and bloodthirsty even for her time. She possessed all the desires of a vampire but was lacking the fangs and the fear of daylight.Her tale is one of the most shocking throughout all of history and one that can't easily be forgotten.Elizabeth Bathory was born a noble woman in 1560 to George and Anna Bathory.Her family was considered one of the most powerful in Transylvania. She had the typical childhood of a noblewoman and was engaged to nobleman, Ferencz Nadasady, at age eleven. The engagement was arranged by Ferencz's mother Ursula. Before their marriage Elizabeth became pregnant from an affair with a peasant. She was isolated to a remote castle until her daughter was born. It is not known what became of her daughter.She was most likely killed, but it is possible that she was raised by someone else. In either case, she was never a part of Elizabeth's life after her birth.Elizabeth finally married Ferencz Nadasady on May 8, 1575. She overtook all the household affairs at Castle Sarvar, the Nadasady family estate. Ferencz became a soldier shortly after, and began making victories against the Turks in 1578. He later was given the nickname "Black Knight of Hungary." The couples first child was born in 1585, she was named Anna. At this point in her life, Elizabeth, had become terrified of growing old and losing her beauty. Never the less she gave birth to three more children Ursula, Katherina, and in 1595 her only son, Paul.Ferencz Nadasady passed away on January 4, 1604. Elizabeth left Castle Sarvar and unexpectedly moved to Vienna only four weeks later, shocking the royal court. By this point in her life Elizabeth had already begun to toy in sorcery, including rituals of sacrificing horses and other animals. Over the years she had also become more and more obsessed with remaining youthful. She had many servants in her new castle, but other than that she lived there alone.Elizabeth's obsession with blood started unintentionally after a servant girl didn't perform to Elizabeth's standards. Elizabeth struck the young servant girl in the face with a pair of scissors. The servant girls blood sprayed across Elizabeth's hand. When she went to wash the blood off she thought her skin felt smoother and looked younger than it had since she was a girl. From this point on Elizabeth Bathory was convinced that blood, especially that of young girls, was the secret to eternal youth and beauty. She began to plot scheme after scheme to get blood, and get the youth that she so desperately desired.During her reign of blood more than six hundred young girls were killed. Many of the girls were noble woman themselves that Elizabeth had persuaded to come work for her.The murders weren't ever simple, Elizabeth didn't like simplicities in her murders such as slitting the girls throats. Most of the girls were tortured for weeks or...

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