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The Queen Who Understood Her People

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Alexandrina Victoria was destined to be Queen of England from the moment of her conception. Commonly referred to as the queen who understood the people, Victoria spent her entire childhood preparing to take the throne of England. In fact, the future Empress of India didn’t have much of a childhood. She was allowed very little freedom in her early life, which caused her to ban her mother from court upon her coronation (Turner). Victoria evidently liked to be in control of things and certainly used this to make her mark on history. As the longest reigning monarch at the time, Victoria had 60 years to influence England (All Empires). Queen Victoria impacted history and the 19th Century in ...view middle of the document...

In fact, a common opinion of Queen Victoria is voiced by writer Robert Green, “She brought simple virtues back to a crown tarnished by vice and indifference” (Green). Before Victoria’s rule, the crown of England was corrupt and unpopular, partly because of the debts racked up by Victoria’s father and other nobles. The people loved Victoria because she began to clean up the crown from her first moments as queen. Her first act as Queen of England was to settle her father’s debts, which gained her immense admiration from her subjects, especially the politicians.
Victoria reigned at a time when the monarchy didn’t have very much power. The English Parliament had already been established and her role as queen was beginning to become a decorative part of society in England. Nevertheless, the queen still had the public eye and could influence many people with her actions. At one point in her reign, Victoria went so far as to side with one political party, which caused that party to become popular among her subjects (Price-Groff). Despite her lack of real political power, Victoria was queen in a changing world. Many scientific and technological advances were being made during her reign, such as the invention of telephones, cars and electricity, as well as an increase in trade (Turner). To ease the path of change for her subjects, Victoria embraced the modern reforms and popularized...

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