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Feeling quite tired and hungry, my friend and I entered the food court of theEverett Mall. Looking around, I decided that I was going to get some Chinese food. Iturned to my friend and told him, he said that he would too. We then made our way overto the Chinese food counter. Upon arriving, I realized a possible problem; we only hadCanadian money. I walked up to the woman at the counter, and asked her if theyaccepted Canadian money there.'No, sorry, we only accept American money,' she responded.I asked if there was anyplace in the mall that I could exchange my money, morespecifically, a bank. She thought for a moment or two, then said,'Uhhh, there's an ATM by the door over there.'Feeling a little frustrated, I explained to her that an ATM would not suffice. Ineeded a bank, with a teller, so I could exchange my money. She looked down andthought about this for a few moments, then ever so slowly, she brought her head up with adumb look on her face and said,'The telephones are around the corner over there.'Dumbfounded by the stupidity of this woman, my friend and turned around andwalked away, laughing. When we were out of earshot, in a mocking tone, I said to myfriend,'Hi, I'm an American, I'm a dumb-ass!'With that defeat behind us, we continued on our quest for some American money.Eventually, by wandering aimlessly about the mall, we managed to find an informationdesk. I walked up to the woman behind the desk, and said,'Hi, would I possibly be able to exchange my Canadian money for some Americanmoney?'With a really confused look on her face she responded with, 'What do you mean?'I reached into my pocket, and pulled out my twenty dollar bill. Waving it in herface, I repeated the question. It took a few seconds, but she finally seemed to figure outwhat I was saying.'No, but you can exchange your money at the service desk upstairs in Thrifty's.'Finally, we were making some progress, only one problem, we'd never been herebefore. We had no idea where to find Thrifty's.'Where would that be,' I asked her.'Thrifty's? Oh, that's right next to Payless Drugs,' was her response.'Oh, gee thanks, that's allot of help,' I said sarcastically as I walked away. So, myfriend and I spent the next ten minutes wandering the mall in search for Thrifty's or a mapof the mall. We finally...

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981 words - 4 pages The Quest for the Ideal The quest for the ideal is a phenomenon that many people attempt to achieve. As we all know, the quest for the ideal is difficult and complicated by personal experience. The poems, “The Story” by Karen Connelly and the “The Love Song of J.Aflred Prufrock”, by T.S Elliot, as well as the essay “Kant’s Beauty and the Sublime” by Maureen Rousseau explore the peril inherent in the quest for the ideal, which is that in our

The Quest for the Ideal Essay

932 words - 4 pages Many have sought perfection in their lives, yet few have achieved this goal. The mere notion of a perfect life can be so captivating that it could emotionally consume the aspirant. The concept of perfection, or the ideal, is an unattainable and corrupting concept, yet countless individuals have attempted to strive for this unachievable goal. In literature, the quest for the ideal is commonly represented by the protagonist struggling for

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990 words - 4 pages Quest for the Ideal Essay The quest for the ideal can encourage us to develop and evolve for the better. But if perfection – something that is impossible to achieve is what one strives for, it can be quiet unthinkable. It is elusive and complicated on many degrees. Lady of Shalott by Alfred Tennyson, The woman I am in my dreams by Maxime Tynes and Chicken Hips by Catherine Pigott provide a realistic perspective of how beauty shapes the literal

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1277 words - 6 pages search among the youth has turned into a dilemma affecting the society. The youth’s passion for an identity to define them created conflicts in the society, and exchanged the quest of individual characterisation for a person, to create the society’s frontal. Of many types of self-identity that the Lebanese youth are facing conflicts with, the most common ones are Lebanese vs. Arab vs. western national identity, religious identity, and sexual

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2294 words - 9 pages The Quest for Identity in American LiteratureThe quest for identity depends a lot on the emotional, cultural and social stability of an individual. Stability is the ultimate stage of this quest, this is why I believe there is a strong interdependence between the two. One cannot speak of identity without referring to emotional, social and cultural stability. Apart from these three dimensions of the human being, another important aspect of the

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1093 words - 5 pages “Thunderheart,” signify his progression as a hero and allow him to acculturate his native spirituality and cultural identity as a Sioux. Any heroic quest begins with entering the unknown. At the beginning of the film, Ray is a clean-cut, conservative, by-the-books F.B.I. agent. His hair is cut short and neat, his shirt is buttoned, his tie neatly tied, and he dons a suit jacket. Ray is assigned to the reservation because he is one fourth Sioux, yet

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1411 words - 6 pages When you look at various genres of literature, the one binding theme that they all have is the sense of a journey or quest. The protagonist goes through a mental and emotional journey where they rediscover themselves, or an epic quest filled with adventure and high-paced action. Often times, we see both attributes used by the author. The quest is highly significant throughout the story as it creates change in the main character. Through reading

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1691 words - 7 pages On The Road and the American Quest        Jack Kerouac's On The Road is the most uniquely American novel of its time.  While it has never fared well with academics, On The Road has come to symbolize for many an entire generation of disaffected young Americans.  One can focus on numerous issues wh en addressing the novel, but the two primary reasons which make the book uniquely American are its frantic Romantic search for the great American

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1972 words - 8 pages Fill in your nameThe Quest of CloudByThe moment the gods saw cloud born, they knew that he could be a threat to them, because he was born with an unusually large amount of fire in his brain, that would give him the power to bend many realities to his will.As Zeus looked upon this small child he knew this, and knew it was the works of Prometheus, the titan who created men.After Zeus had released him from his long years of torment, Prometheus