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Fill in your nameThe Quest of CloudByThe moment the gods saw cloud born, they knew that he could be a threat to them, because he was born with an unusually large amount of fire in his brain, that would give him the power to bend many realities to his will.As Zeus looked upon this small child he knew this, and knew it was the works of Prometheus, the titan who created men.After Zeus had released him from his long years of torment, Prometheus thought long and hard for plans of seeking revenge on Zeus for putting him through such terrible pain. Finally through all his hatred and malice he came to one thought on how to take his revenge; he would create a man with the ability to defeat the immortal gods, he would create a man with a star of fire in his mind, that would give him power as the gods have.As Zeus looked down from his throne of gold, speckled with precious jewels, his blue eyes could see the power of the fire that existed in this child."Hera!" Zeus billowed.Suddenly a tall, elegant female with sun golden curls, sky blue eyes, cherry red lips, and cream-colored skin appeared before Zeus."You beckoned my lord?" she said smoothly."Have you seen this mortal who has just been born?" Zeus asked, trying to hide his concern.Hera's face went from her usual smiling and jovial face to one of surprise and concern."I have not, but why do you ask?" she inquired, her face serious now, for she had noticed the concern that betrayed Zeus in his eyes."Look at this child and tell me that you do not see the power that circles him" Zeus commanded, no longer hiding his fear and worries.Hera frowned and looked down from Mt. Olympus. When her eyes fell upon the small infant she simply smiled, but slowly her smile faded till there was not the slightest trace of joyfulness on her beautiful face."What does it mean lord?" Hera asked wonder struck."It means that we have work to do, to ensure our safety against this mortal threat," answered Zeus bringing himself to his full height."What do you plan to do Zeus?" Hera asked carefully."I dare not try to destroy him," answered Zeus, "for there is to great of power which resides in him.""Then what should we do lord?" Hera asked more urgently now."We must ensure that he never knows who he is or of the great power which resides in him, we must banish him to a distant and barren land" Zeus decided.Portanis smiled as he held his tiny son in his arms. He knew that this particular son of his was destined to do wonderful things. He did not know what it was, but he could see something almost like a power radiating about this child. His eyes turned to his wife; her body lay quiet and cold on the hard bed where his son was just born to him. His large brown eyes filled to the rim with salty tears."I am sorry cloud" he choked to the precious infant in his arms "but I am afraid you will never meet your mother" he walked slowly out of the tiny plain walled room while holding the fragile baby cradled against his chest.Zeus looked down on...

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