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It was a blazing summer’s day. There were many different races at this competition but they were all three legged relay races. It was time for the first race. The teams were many and all of them, save one, had a common foe - Team Human. Team human had four pairs of runners like all the other teams. The other teams were Team Hate, Team Failure, Team Stereotype and Prejudice, Team Envy and Jealousy, Team Conceit and Pride, and the list could go on and on. Their goal was to slow Human down by serving as obstacles in their lane.
The first pair of runners were Black and White. They both held batons in their hands. The gun started and all the other teams started. Black and White just fell to the ...view middle of the document...

Finally they passed the baton to Arab and Jew. At first Arab and Jew did well but after a while a pair from Team S & P told Jew that Arab was a terrorist could not be trusted. Jew immediately began to undo the rope. A pair from Team Failure came to Arab and told Arab that Arab was a failure. The two stopped and glared at each other. They both felt so hopeless, confused and bitter. But then they grew up and apologised to each other. They then ran very well.
They passed the baton to Short and Tall. For the first half of their leg they worked together in harmony until Team E & J told Short he was envious of Tall. Short believed this and decided to do the race alone. Tall felt superior and wouldn’t cooperate either. But like their predecessors they realised their foolishness and made things up. They did exceptionally well.
Christian and Muslim now had the baton. They had been watching the other pairs with fascination. They were both so sure that they would not repeat what the other teams had done. Their respect...

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