The Rage Of A Privileged Class By Ellis Cose

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DESCRIPTION OF BOOK:In RAGE OF A PRIVILEGED CLASS, Why are middle-class blacks angry? Why should America care? Ellis Cose observes the problems of middle class (successful) blacks. Cose's emphasis on his idea that the black people who are successful feel more separated from society compared to the underclass black people who are not so successful. They have done everything possible to satisfy the white society, but they still do not feel like they are being treated fairly. They are still being the victims of any thing bad in society, people in streets are terrified by them, if they go out shopping they are followed, and they are harassed by law. Middle class also has another problem that they cannot relate to the rest of the African Americans. The reason is that many of them view the middle class as "selling out" to the white man in order to become successful. Now they are stuck in the middle because the white community or the black community does not want them. The middle class African American feels more and more isolated.Ellis Cose's book contains primarily the stories and experiences of middle class blacks that regardless of their many success stories, they feel that they still do not belong in the white society. He uses these examples to illustrate the point that no matter how big you become you still cannot escape the fact that you are black. Once a black gets a job at an organization, they are viewed as under qualified by the rest of the organization. The outcome is that they are never given a chance to advance in the organization. Affirmative Action is helping to create the glass ceiling. Affirmative Action is causing general dislike against blacks in the white community that promotes prejudice and discrimination. Cose sees Affirmative Action as something that must either be significantly changed or get rid of completely.He summarizes his reasons for why middle class African Americans feel so isolated, so he makes up a term "Dozen Demons." Among those reasons were that blacks are being excluded from white social circles. They are distressed from their white bosses who think that they will not succeed and most probably fail. The admiration that they receive is either weak or dishonest. They are given jobs in organizations that are considered as "blacks only" jobs. Often times they find themselves afraid to speak out against racism in an organization, out of fear they will be labeled as troublemakers. They suffer from guilty by association: if one African American is a criminal, then all are viewed as criminals. Racism in America is not as much as it was years ago, but it is still out there. It is not obvious, but underground and it is hard to rid of because it is insensible, almost standard racism. It is passed down from generation to generation, parent to child, friend to friend. This is the racism that middle class blacks encounter every day.OBJECTIVE OF THE BOOK:Now days over all Blacks have accomplished major progress in the...

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