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An innocent child is standing in a candy store and looking at all his favorite options from which to choose. He slowly reaches for the bag of M&Ms, and he does not know what all the chemicals in that bag will cause him. The M&Ms have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) causing carcinogens in them called food dyes. These food additives help the food products stay vibrant and eye catching but America’s youth does not know what the consequences are when you eat these products. Children think they are nice and colorful but they do not know what lies behind the wonderful rainbow of colored M&Ms in that bag. That is why The United States needs to ban food color additives to make our ...view middle of the document...

The top three, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 contain benzidine which has been linked to cancer. Per Capita, the consumption of dyes has increased five-fold since 1955 and the number are still rising. states that each year manufacturers pour about fifteen million pounds of eight synthetic dyes into foods. Dyes are corrupting our youth and giving them conditions that no parent would wish on their child. A 2007 British study found that children who consumed a mixture of common synthetic dyes, displayed hyperactive behavior within an hour of consumption. “ None of the children HAD been diagnosed with ADHD before (Fulton NP).” If that study is not bad enough, each year about 200,000 pounds of Red 3 are poured into fruit roll-ups, and kid cuisine frozen meals. That is 200,000 pounds of cancer and ADHD causing chemicals into our food supply and the Food and Drug Administration could care less about the youth. They want their profit and do not worry about the conditions that are showing up due to these dyes.
The Kellog hot fudge sundae poptart contains five of the nine legal food dyes. That exact same poptart is sold in the Jefferson High School cafeteria. Young adults ages fourteen through eighteen are in the presence of carcinogens at their own school. School is suppose to be a safe environment for America’s youth but we have mixtures of dyes that are being sold there and are being consumed by children. Back to that British study that was taken seven years ago involving food dyes and then think about the fifteen million pounds of eight synthetic food dyes that are dumped into food products every year. That equals about a hundred and five million pounds of synthetic food dyes that have been inputted into the food cycle since 2007. That number is mind blowing to think about because all those dyes are petroleum based and have substances in them that have been linked to cancer. The United States is basically just letting our youth give themselves ADHD and increasing their risk for cancer later in life and the FDA does not want to make a change. These problems must be heard and action must be taken to assure that our health is safe from these chemicals. The hard thing to imagine without these dyes, is that your food will not be the same.
Another issue with food dyes is the counter arguments against food color additives. The reasons why the United States of America will not get rid of these food dyes is because of two reasons. The first is that our food would be less colorful. Without coloring, who would want to eat naked cheetos, gray pickles, translucent gummi worms, or watery tan Jell-O? Yes all of those products sound unappealing, but that’s what it would be like if there were no cancer and ADHD causing chemicals in our food. It is just pick your poison. Do you want colorful but harming food or do you want dull food that will not give you cancer. states that manufacturers use color dyes for; adding color, avoiding color loss due to...

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