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The Raising Of The Cross Essay

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“The Raising of the Cross”
Peter Paul Reubens, “The Raising of The Cross” found on page 265 in our art book, was created 1610-1611 by the use of oil on panel, dimensions 462 x 339 cm. Many facets of this painting caught my attention, but the prime facet was the geometric support it influences and the sentimental effect it distributes to the spectators, also Reuben’s motive and content behind the painting.
It may at first glance appear that this painting is all cluttered, but you would be mistaken. Reuben placed each item precisely in this piece of art. This style of painting is called Baroque. The style of art Baroque means detailed and broad paintings. Reubens evades rigid lines and ...view middle of the document...

I can’t imagine the guilt someone would feel for nailing another man’s hands and feet to a wooden cross. To cause pain, by then raising the wooden cross so that the holes in their flesh will tear. In the right panel of the painting, the guards are shouting their orders to the men who are obeying because they probably would be killed had they not. There are dark clouds rolling in to cover the sun representing possible sadness, evil and pain. On the left panel of the painting, there are priests, woman and children cringing in fear and horror. This division of anger, hatred, fear and sadness evokes many mixed emotions. Reubens use of light and dark colors create a sense of emphasis and subordination. He puts emphasis on innocent characters such as a woman and children and Jesus. Everything else in the painting is dark and creates the subordination so that it is not the main focus in the picture. The one facet that brings a sense of normality back into the painting in my opinion is the random dog in the middle panel; it is neither sad nor angry. Perhaps this is Reubens attempt to truly represent the middle of the emotional realm in this painting.
Finally, I want to...

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