The Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

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The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Alcohol is one of many dangerous substances that effects our bodies. The effects of this drug can be very harmful. Alcohol is a potent non-prescription drug sold to anyone over the national legal drinking age, 21. Unlike other deadly drugs it is easy to access. This makes it easy to over-consume and create a tragic accident, even death. It can damage a person not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Many people each year become more and more addicted to alcohol and soon experience all of it?s dangerous effects. Even if alcohol use is discontinued, some of these damages can not be cured, because the scars have been left on those that drink and those that surround them. The only hope of truly avoiding the effects of alcohol is complete abstinence from the drug.
Alcohol counts for a large percentage of accidents and deaths among people of all gender, and age each year. Every year alcohol is responsible for 1/2 of all murders, accidental deaths, and suicides; 1/3 of all drowning, boating, and aviation deaths; 1/2 of all crimes; and almost 1/2 of all fatal automobile accidents. ( December 4).
The amount of alcohol consumed by each gender differs.
Men are more likely to drink, and they drink more heavily than women, though in some cases it is vice versa and this does not exclude women from being capable of drinking heavily.( December 9). Whether it be a large or small amount 89% of men and 85% of women consume some alcohol each year. ( December 10)
18% of men and 29% of women do not drink or drink less than once a month. ( December 10) Men consume 73% of all alcohol. 83% of the top 10% of drinkers are male. ( December 10) On average the top 5% of male drinkers consume the equivalent of 63 cans of beer a week. ( December 10)
On average the top 5% of female drinkers consume the equivalent of 25 cans of beer a week. ( December 10)
19% of male drinkers and 10% of female drinkers drink every day. ( December 10) Studies have shown that males are more likely to drink as women, but women are not so far behind. Everyone experiences the effects of alcohol, regardless of gender.
Everyone that consumes alcohol is effected differently. Some people have higher tolerance levels. Some may have more food in their stomach than others.(Langone, Book 45) Food becomes a big factor when you are drinking. (Langone, Book, 45) If you have a lot of food in your stomach to absorb the alcohol, instead of it being absorbed into your blood stream, then you won't be intoxicated as fast. (Langone, Book, 45) Weight can also determine your tolerance and speed of intoxication(Langone, Book 45) Since our bodies are 70% water, alcohol is diluted some. A small person has...

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