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The Effects Of Gun Violence In The Us

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he Effects of Gun Violence in the USIt was the massacre at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 that sparked America's attention to gun violence. People finally started realizing that guns were a problem and nearly everyone was asking how something like this could have happened. Kids were no longer feeling safe at school and parents no longer felt safe sending them. The effects of this resulted in a media frenzy. The media in turned scared the public and the public reacted by demanding a change. This has continued since then and the only change accomplished has been a rise in the gun violence statistics.It's no question that gun violence gets the media's attention, especially when children are involved. In the aftermath of Columbine there was an expert on every channel blaming someone or something new for the actions of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Was it the music, the movies, the video games? Could it have been the drugs or toy guns? No one really knew but the media had America scared of all of them. One of the people ridiculed most, rocker Marilyn Manson, spoke in his own defense in the documentary Bowling for Columbine. He said, "...The president was shooting bombs overseas [the day of the Columbine massacre]. Yet I'm a bad guy because I sing rock and roll songs. Who's a bigger influence, the president or Marilyn Manson? ...I think it's ironic that nobody said 'maybe the President had an influence on this violent behavior'" (Bowling). Fear that this could happen again was on everyone's mind. In order to prevent it schools installed metal detectors and instilled stricter dress codes (Bowling). The fear that had built up in Americans, do to the vast media attention, hit a boiling point. Schools were suspending and expelling kids left and right. One school in particular suspended a first grader for pointing a chicken strip at a teacher and saying "Pow! Pow!" (Bowling). Since then, the madness hasn't ceased. Gun stories, involving children or not, lead the news every night and fear is instilled before each American falls asleep.The absolution of this fear is...

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