The Effects Of Hexagonal Water On Neoscona Crucifera Web Construction

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A spider’s web construction is crucial to the survival of the spider. The symmetry and structure of the web allows for the spider to catch its prey and ensures further life for the spider. Due to web construction being essential to survival, the structure and efficiency of a spider’s web can be used to determine the spider’s health. Hexagonal water is an enhanced type of water that has been known to improve bodily functions. When spiders are given hexagonal water, the efficiency of their webs should increase due to the beneficial properties of hexagonal water.Hexagonal water is a liquid crystalline network of water. All water contains certain amounts of hexagonally shaped water. Hexagonal water can be found in nature. For example, snowflakes are super-cooled forms of water that are nearly 100% hexagonally watered. Specifically, hexagonal water is a complex arrangement of water molecules where six molecules are formed to make a ring structure. There are many factors influencing the amount of hexagonally shaped water contained in an H2O sample. For example, the amount of energetic influences that the water is exposed to will influence the amount of hexagonal units in the water. If there are many pollutants in the water, the amount of hexagonal structures in the water will be reduced. ( Through Dr. Jhon’s research on hexagonal water, it has been determined that structured water is more powerful. The amount of energy (calories) that the hexagonal water can store is much greater than the amount of energy that unstructured water can store. Hexagonally structured water can benefit biological organisms and lead to healthier life.The orb weaver (Neoscona Crucifera) spider has a distinct pattern on its web that makes it ideal for research studies. Neoscona Crucifera are usually found in dry open forests and wood lands ( These spiders can create either horizontal webs that run parallel to the ground or vertical webs which are perpendicular to the ground. These webs can reach up to 3 feet in diameter. Down the center of the spiders web is a thick zigzag line of which the function is currently unknown. The spider usually waits in the center of its web waiting for the prey to come to it. The appearance of the orb weaver family is one of the most varied among spiders. ( Females are bigger and have a “golf ball” like abdomen and a very small head, while the males are smaller in appearance. The males are generally not seen and usually do not spin webs. Instead, they can be found searching for mates. The females, on the other hand are the ones mostly seen constructing webs. The webs are made by pyriformes silk glands which secrete silk building proteins that are dissolved in highly concentrated solutions (Chang 2). When combined, a super-resilient silk called dragline is formed. Dragline isn’t sticky allowing for greater mobility by the spider. Orb weavers are typically...

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