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The Ramifications Of Teenage Sex. Essay

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Teenagerdom brings us as, well, teenagers, many responsibilities. We areentrusted with more things, such as driving, dating, going to parties, concerts, andother related activities that are generally associated with being a teenager. One ofthose responsibilities involves sex. "Everyone is doing it." Or so the saying goes.Not everyone actually, but a large deal. Much too big of a margin than is healthy.Because, along with sex comes things like STD's (ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!) and, in thecase of "it broke" or under the other category of "oops" comes babies. After dealingwith more infants than I care to count, I understand the responsibility that theyinvolve. They have to be fed, rocked, changed, bathed, made laugh, have someonepat their stomach when they have a tummy ache, and other mundane tasks. Theyare the most dependent things I can imagine, and they smell too.If it was not for the act of sex and our bodies being programmed to want it, Ifind no reason as to why ANYONE would want to reproduce. Period. However,people do. A lot by the looks of a world population map. Anyway, more and morekids today are having sex, and the responsibilities involved are more than what anyteenager should have to bear. After all, we have things like grades and collegesand other semi important things to worry about. Who needs a kid?First and foremost, anyone who would care to do anything more at our agethan kiss is a bit off their rocker. As mentioned above, the responsibilities aretremendous. But there are other things to consider too. Such as our reputation,health, chances of getting into that ivy league college or whatever else ourlong/short term goals consist of. No one wants to be pinned with such a hassle atour age. We are so self absorbed as it is, that it would be too much of a shock toour mental health. See, one reason already as to why teen pregnancy is a badidea. I could go on; however, I fear the I would bore you.So anywise, reason number two as to why teenagers should not getpregnant. As a lady, we would receive the reputation of as my mother says "fastand loose" (reminds me of a runaway racehorse). We might not get to participatein as many extra curricular activities, (such as swimming, basketball, horseback,you get the idea) which would hinder our chances of getting into, say Dartmouth.Teachers would assume that we could not act responsible and make good decisions,and might not recommend us to get into good colleges, like for example Dartmouth.And who would want to go around for the rest of their high school life being knownas the one who slept around. Even once is enough.Numero tres (Number three) of the reasons as to not have kids at theteenager age involves our health. I believe I have previously mentioned that ourmental state of well being is at serious risk. But not only that, but our physical wellbeing is of the utmost importance as well. As teenage ladies, we are for the mostpart physically unable to bear children. Sure, everything is in working...

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