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The Effects Of The Steam Powered Engines On The Industrial Revolution

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The effects of the steam powered engines on the industrial revolutionOne of the biggest invention of the industrial revolution was the steam powered engine. The steam power could be used in several types of machines. It was useful in the transportation industry and it could replace the horsepower. This invention was also very important in the agriculture and producing goods in the factories. Without this great invention the industrial revolution would never even happened or spread so fast around the word and the chain of inventing new inventions could have been broken without the steam power during the industrial revolution.The most significant change in the modern history- the revolution in commerce and industry that began in England during the seventeen and the eighteen centuries. After the 19th century the revolution spread to the United States and other countries in Europe. The speed of the economical and technical development was faster in the developed countries like in Western Europe and North America. "The invention of steam engine by James Watt, will in all probability affect more people and appear more important in the estimation of future generation." The development of steam power was undoubtedly the greatest technical achievement of the Industrial Revolution. A number of industries needed the enormous power of steam, produced by the steam engine, in order to continue their advancement in production. "James Watt is credited with the invention of the steam engine. In fact, Watt improved upon a design which was developed by Thomas Savery and Thomas Newcomen. Watt's engine improved the efficiency of Newcomen's engine fourfold, and he utilized the latest technology in gun making, where precision was absolutely necessary. The transfer of one technology to another is evident here, in that Watt used John Wilkinson's device for boring cannon to accurately bore the large cylinder for his engine. The development of a practical, efficient steam engine and its application to industry and transportation caused a great leap for industrialization. Its application was virtually limitless, and it was responsible for lifting industries from infancy to adolescence." 2 The steam power was brought to mine, mill, factory, and agriculture industries by the 19th century."What were the causes of the Industrial Revolution? So many factors are involved that it is difficult to give a simple answer. First should be noted the profound change in English economic life after the discovery of America and the opening of a sea route to India by way of the Cape of Good Hope."3 It caused a big need for modernization of the sea transportation because of the big distance between Europe and North America and India. The traders wanted to ship larger amount of good in a shorter time. In this case the steam power helped to the boating industry by producing steam powered ships that could carry more goods than a sailing boat. "In 1769, a Scotsman, named James Watt, invented an...

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