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The Effects Of Television On Young Children Ages 2 6

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Flashback to 15 years ago I often think about how I would wake up at 7 am on a saturday morning to get my cartoon fix. Back then TV was fun, but it wasn’t always frequent, it was more of a weekend morning thing while you had breakfast and then eventually made your way outside to play with your friends. I myself am always babysitting some child here or there whether it be my niece, or a family friends’ grandchild. I had often noticed the differences between the children and their television habits, for some would watch a little and then want to run freely, whereas others would rather be sat in front of the television and not budge until a commercial. There is much to see on the effects television can bring on a child from aggressive behavior to gender role stereotyping, to even obesity.
From What I have read in the many articles there is a great amount of people that argue that there is indeed a lot of aggressive behavior being promoted during children’s TV programs and also due to the amount spent watching TV. One article stated that “The issue isn't necessarily the content of the programming, but the social isolation that comes from so many hours in front of the tube” said the researchers in the article “Children who watch 'excessive' amounts of TV are more likely to have criminal convictions, exhibit aggression and experience negative emotions: study” in the NY Daily News. From everything I have read there are many points being made about children and the amount of TV a child watches per day, however I beg to differ that this leads to aggression in children. As I thought back to shows when I was younger I could remember that there were indeed many shows that showed violence and aggression during their program but as I evaluated shows during this generation that wasn’t the case. However, today’s children’S programming has a plethora of shows providing positive messages throughout the 30 minute viewing. In my own opinion, I do not see today’s programming as teaching children aggressive behavior, instead I see children’s television as introducing children to aggressive behavior and giving them the keys to resolve said aggression in a positive and kindly fashion. In a sense, the way TV uses aggressive behavior isn’t the issue it’s the way they show children to handle it is the true issue for young children. TV tackles many issues, from aggression, to even gender role stereotyping.
Gender role stereotyping, we see it everyday, whether it’s in a the clothes we wear or the games we play. Gender roles begin at birth, we’re ascribed a status and within that status our parents begin to give us our appropriate clothing, toys, and even assign us certain colors. In many of the shows I have seen there weren’t many stereotyping, what I did notice is what shows we’re considered ‘girly’, and what were considered ‘boy’ shows. With the help of my niece Hope, age 4, and my little buddy Jason, age 6, I was taught that “Sofia the First”, a show about a 7 year...

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