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Behind me I could here the heavy steps of my pursuer, ahead of me lay a blanket of darkness. My legs shook and my head ached. I didn't know what was behind me, but every time I took a breath I heard the footsteps moving closer and closer to me. Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the shoulder. The tough hand scratched my back. The pursuer dragged me as if I were a criminal. I did not know where I was but the pursuer pushed me against a cold jagged wall.Then the person spoke to me in a low and crude voice. He wanted all the money I had or he would keep me hostage. My pockets were empty. When he checked my pockets and found out that I had no money, still in darkness he pulled me to my feet, clinging viciously to my arm and dragging me along with him. I had no idea where the man was taking me. I was shivering, exhausted and petrified.He took me to a brighter room and told me I was a hostage from that point onward. Numb with terror, I could not speak, move or even hum. He threatened me by pointing his gun at me, so I thought it was wise not to aggravate the man. In the dim light, I could just make out his face. He had dark hair, was about one hundred and eighty centimeters tall, wearing brunette boots and a dark shirt.I spent, what felt like an hour waiting for someone to rescue me, then suddenly, the door swung open and for a second I thought it was the police but unfortunately it was the man. He'd brought me some food to eat. He brought some ill-smelling cookies and shoved them into my mouth. Then, the man called someone on the telephone and referred by name to my parents. He told them that he needed one million dollars and also told my parents that I had been kidnapped. I could hear mum and dad crying in dismay. My mum and dad had just won the lottery for one million dollars and they had just planned to spend it on a holiday the mortgage.For a long time it had been hard without much money at home. "Why me?" I asked myself, was it because my parents had won the lottery with the media and press all around us. Could it have been due to us telling the world on television and in the newspaper?After a while, the man asked me if my parents had spent the one million dollars on anything and I quickly shook my head. Then he asked me if they would pay the million dollars; I told him I didn't know.The next day, was bright and sunny. I could tell by the small hole on the roof. I could see the clear, blue sky looking down to me in the darkness. I was trying to figure out where I was because the hole could be a key for rescuing me, but I could see nothing except clear sky when abruptly a leaf fell on top of the hole and blocked the light. I also heard the...

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Symbols in "Perelandra" by C.S. Lewis

1945 words - 8 pages inhabitants of Perelandra. C.S. Lewis uses this unspoiled planet to retell the biblical creation myth of Adam and Eve. In the book, Maleldil, the supernatural ruler of the Solar System sends the English philologist Ransom to Perelandra. Once there, he finds a world unspoiled by sin, inhabited by The Green Lady and her King. Ransom soon discovers his reason for being sent to Perelandra, when the English physicist Dr. Weston arrives. Weston is soon

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1052 words - 4 pages Abdulmenem HamdacheDr. Hiba MoussaELL 52215 April 2014The Green Lady in C.S. Lewis' Perelandra as a Rewrite of Eve in Paradise LostRansom, a philologist, is sent to a planet called Perelandra by Maleldil, the planet creator, to the queen Tinidril, also known as the Green Lady. When Ransom asks Maleldil what is the purpose of his voyage, Maleldil tells him he'll know when time is right.When Ransom reaches Perelandra, he sees a green naked lady


1052 words - 4 pages Abdulmenem HamdacheDr. Hiba MoussaELL 52215 April 2014The Green Lady in C.S. Lewis' Perelandra as a Rewrite of Eve in Paradise LostRansom, a philologist, is sent to a planet called Perelandra by Maleldil, the planet creator, to the queen Tinidril, also known as the Green Lady. When Ransom asks Maleldil what is the purpose of his voyage, Maleldil tells him he'll know when time is right.When Ransom reaches Perelandra, he sees a green naked lady

This is a movie review over the movie The Big Lebowski.

580 words - 2 pages describe the rest of the movie in such detail would take four pages but in sort: Mr. Lebowski gives the dude the ransom money, which the dude puts in his car, which is in turn stolen, Maude Lebowski breaks into the Dude's house, claims the rug the Dude scammed Mr. Lebowski out of, braks the dudes jaw, which he in turn must go to the doctor for, who Maude secretly pays to check the Dude's fertility so that she can entice him into sleeping with her so she

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1527 words - 6 pages fact that the height of the ladder -6” 8 ¾ - was the same as that of the door opening. The ladder could have been used to get into the attic” (Zorn 169). The similar height indicates that Hauptmann used the attics board to make the ladder and to reach and climb into the nursery window where he was able to kidnap twenty month old Charles Jr. Lindbergh. In addition to the ladder, a ransom letter found on the same nursery windowsill demanding 50,000

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519 words - 2 pages Out of the Silent Planet By: C.S. Lewis C.S. Lewis produced a book that conveys vivid scenery, relatable characters, and a vague but detailed plot that gave rise to a novel with wonderful clarity. Out of the Silent Planet is an account of the voyage of Ransom, a linguist, who is kidnapped and taken to another planet, Malacandra (Mars). Where he learns that Thulcandra (Earth) is called the silent planet because there has been no

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1314 words - 5 pages "The most general thing to be said about John Crowe Ransom is that he is a dualist" (Buffington 1). He believed that man must be content with the duality of all things. A particular topic that ransom felt most comfortable was the duality of life and death. He described it as "the great subject of poetry, the most serious subject" (Brooks 1). In the elegy "Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter", John Crowe Ransom deals with vexation resulting

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1098 words - 4 pages world around them. Animals and humans alike, depend on their senses for survival. The inhabitants of Malacandra depend on their senses for survival like in the beginning of the book when the creatures try to make contact to Weston, Devine and Ransom because they are alien to the planet of Malacandra. The firing of the revolver was a sign of aggression towards the creatures so they had to defend themselves amongst the intruders. Ramsom manages to

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1473 words - 6 pages earth. Ransoms lands into this planet by accident after being kidnapped by two evil men (Devine and Weston) and transported to the planet Malacandra (Mars) by spacecraft. In Planet Malacandra, Ransoms encounters the three different creatures that inhabit the planet, hrossa, sorns, and pfifltriggi. He learns their common language and understands their relationship. Ransom learns that the social system in planet Malacandra is a stark contrast with the

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581 words - 2 pages denied it to him for so long. Throughout the entire novel Twain uses satire to show problems with society. Early in the novel, Huck scampers away with his good friend Tom and his other buddies. The boys form a gang and then decide one of their tasks in the gang will be to kidnap people and, hold them for ransom. The problem with their plan to kidnap people and hold them for ransom is their misunderstanding of the word “ransom“. Tom has a relative

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1644 words - 7 pages a frantic call from Patricia Ramsey saying her daughter had been kidnapped and there was a ransom note. Once at scene it was obvious that Patricia was very upset, unlike her husband who was rather calm and in control. Looking at the ransom note it was clearly directed towards Mr. Ramsey demanding a payment of $118,000. There were no clear signs of forced entry which means the suspect had been in the house before and knew his way around. The

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1607 words - 7 pages John Crowe Ransom was one of the most influential writers of his time. As a poet, essayist, and teacher at Vanderbilt University and Kenyon College, Ransom was one of the prominent leaders of the Fugitive Agrarians and the founder of the New Criticism school of literary criticism and the literary journal, Kenyon Review. His works fall into many different literary movements but the majority of his poems fall within the Fugitive-Agrarianism, now

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1895 words - 8 pages instance, Thomas Nelson Page utilizes a sentimentalist, romanticist style of writing, while John Crowe Ransom achieves aesthetic distance in his modernistic approach to writing. Both Page and Ransom were proponents of the antebellum southern way of life. They contrasted what had previously existed in the Old South through the depiction of grand estates and chivalric deeds against what now existed in a dilapidated, dehumanizing fashion, the New South

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1231 words - 5 pages published the novel, Out of the Silent Planet, over three centuries after Bacon wrote his theory on fear, Lewis similarly portrayed external surrounding to manipulate perceptions of fear. From the first chapter of the novel, Lewis revealed fear to be a weakness that leads to ignorance. It was this ignorance that apparently fueled the cycle of corruption and immorality on “The Silent Planet.” Using the character Ransom to reveal the effect of memory

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1010 words - 4 pages "Out of the Silent Plane"t by Clive Staples LewisScribner Classics, New York, 1996Ransom's Escape from MalacandraI enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and they are my favorite books. However, I dislike Out of the Silent Planet, because it is slow and boring. It is about Dr. Ransom escaping a planet, Malacandra, after Devine, his former classmate, and Weston capture him and bring him to Malacandra with them. I am surprised to realize the