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The Rapid Growth Of Cities Has A Mostly Positive Impact On The Development Of The Society Toefl Essay

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The rapid growth of cities has a mostly positive impact on the development of the society. Try to support your viewpoint with reasons and details.
On the issue raised in the topic statement, quite a few people tend to believe that the rapid growth of cities has a mostly positive impact on the development of the society, although a slew of crucial reasons and evidences actually point at the other way around. At first glance, the stance that the growth of cities benefits the society seems quite persuasive. After all, immigrants from other places can be provided with more job opportunities. As a result, companies and industries will be able to find more employees. Take Beijing, the capital city of China, as an example. This huge city attracts people from all over the land/country. Drifters, the name of immigrates in Beijing, are trying to accomplish their dreams here. With only few highways and factories, they would not survive in this tough place. However, the above-mentioned opinion might have oversimplified the issue in question and is therefore worth some further scrutiny. With a full-around consideration of all relevant facts and reasons, there might not be as many benefits as disadvantages when cities grow rapidly. To begin with, the rapid expansion of cities can actually lower our life quality rather than improve it. Big cities always have traffic jams, and dealing with them on a daily basis can have a number of negative effects/fallouts. The most harmful one is that it’s causing environmental issues. For example, cars panting/groaning/gasping on a highway will produce a large amount of carbon dioxide. Not only does it contribute to global warming, it can also cause short-term problems, such as smog and poor air quality. Due to this, many people had been experiencing lung cancer and other health problems. Drivers are more likely to get impatient while waiting and it can lead to some road rages, which also puts other people in a dangerous situation. As a matter of fact, these traffic issues are apparently showing how the over-development of cities can be very harmful. Furthermore, city expansion can also bring us risks, some of which are barely controllable....

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