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The Rare Force Of Good Essay

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It is hard to stray from the pack to do what you believe in. It is hard to go against the “norm” of a situation no matter what it is. In every book there is a character that does this, one which goes against what all of the other characters are doing. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies there is a character that strays from the pack. Simon is this character. Simon is a character who represents something rare occurring in Lord of the Flies, good, Simon shows love and compassion to others, but over time Simon’s innocence is stolen from him just like all of the other boys.
One thing Simon learned from back at his home is Nobility. Simon was expected to treat well those less fortunate than him, which he did. Simon is the only grown boy who shows nobility. He is the only boy who actually cares for the little ones. Simon helped them pick the best of choice fruit they could not reach, and he found fresh water for them that they could not find. Simon is also the only boy who helps out and does his part. He listens to what Ralph says. When Ralph asks the boys to do chores nobody listens, except Simon. Simon is the only boy who helps to build the shelters because he knows they are important for their well being. All of the other boys are very selfish only worrying about themselves and the only thing important to them is their own well being. But Simon is different, he did not lose his sense of obligation, he remembered everything he was taught at home and did not go forget it like the other boys.
With Simon’s good mindset and remembering how to be civilized he would make a good leader. Simon has very good traits such as being kind and compassionate to others. He is very knowledgeable, clever, and honest, but Simon’s downfall is that he is shy. Simon is too shy to speak out any of his thoughts and/or ideas he has. Even though they are good ideas he is afraid people will reject him. Simon’s thoughts in the book say “Other people could stand up and speak to an assembly, apparently, without that dreadful feeling of pressure of personality” (103). This shows Simon has a fear of not being good enough for other people and he is somewhat insecure.
Even if Simon had a loud voice and spoke his opinions he probably would still not get the chance of being a leader. Society often picks leaders off of traits such as age, height, weight, or any characteristic having an appealing appearance. Society wants a leader they think they can trust by the looks. Some people believe, even if it is subconsciously, if you are good physically it means you can be good mentally; therefore, creating a good leader. The boys on the island operate the same way as a society in the real world. Often the boys laugh at Simon and do not take him seriously. His epilepsy plays a big role in the boys’ opinion of him. Simon gets described as “He was a skinny vivid little boy” (24) and “He’s always throwing faint” (20). Simon is not the “picture perfect” image like the fair haired Ralph is...

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