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Love, intense feeling of deep affection for someone or something. Everyone wants that special person in their lives. Someone they can settle down with, start family with, share their wealth , and love them forever.Love would have you doing foolish things for someone. Whether you don’t express your feelings for them,or you're blinded by feelings, you aren’t able to speak to them,or act foolish towards.Love will have you regretting things you never did for them ,or you could of did for them.But when you finally express how you feel towards someone it’s either too late,or they moved on.
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He gets news that Tonine falls ill. He leaves and comes back to aid her. When he arrives to Tonine’s home he finds her healthy and much more beautiful. Finally tells Tonine how he feels about her.
The love Sept-Epees had for Tonine had him jumping to conclusions without knowing the whole story.Since Sept-Epees expressed his feelings for Tonine at first and she didn’t seem interested.It shunned him trying to further express his feeling for her. For years they moved on with their lives until Tonine got sick.
Love will have individuals acting in different types of ways.But honestly Sept-Epees shouldn’t have waited until Tonine got sick to finally speak to her. Whether she was on her death bed he should have never waited to again express himself. What if Tonine never got sick? Would Sept-Epees ever told Tonine how he really felt about her?.Tonine being sick it should haven’t been an excuse to telling her how you truly feel about them. What if Tonine was really terminally sick and Sept-Epees finally expressed his love for her. What would he have proven if he couldn’t spend the rest of life with her. He should have listened to his best friend Gaucher, Tonine cousin who told him that success didn’t matter. As long as he was happy with the man he was.If he was ready to settle down then he should follow his heart.
This novel took me a few chapters to get enjoy it. I couldn’t really connect with the story because of the time period and the culture. But as I continued to read the book I was able to have some connection. The love story between...

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