The Reactivity Of Metals. This Report Give An Experiment Showing How To Find The Most To Least Reactive Metal.

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By Sahil Dixit 11.06
Chemistry ExperimentAim:To compare the reactivity of metals in oxygen, water and a diluted acid, and rate the metals from most reactive to least reactive.Apparatus:6 X magnesium strips6 X calcium strips6 X copper strips6 X iron strips6 X zinc strips300 mL of waterBunsen BurnerTongs (metal and wooden)6 X Medium sized test tubesFunnel20 Ml of Dilute Hydrochloric acid (1 M)Measuring CylinderGogglesThermometerLab coatMatchboxRubber stopperSplintRisk Assessment:The beakers can get hot so use the wooden peg to move the beakers around. The acid can be corrosive so handle with care. Using the Bunsen burner, you must watch your hair. When some metals burn they can be very bright so it can blind you for a while so do not look directly at it. The fumes form the acid are harmful if inhaled.Variables:Dependant: Reactivity of MetalsIndependent: Type of MetalControlled: Amount of water, amount of acid, length of strips, temperature of water, temperature of water when heating and concentration of acid.Method:Part A: OxygenHold Calcium in tongs and let it burn in Bunsen Burner for 20 seconds.Repeat step 2 with new strip of Calcium.Write down observations for results.Do steps 2-4 with the rest of the metals.Part B: AcidPour 2mL of Hydrochloric acid into 3 test tubesDrop Calcium into a test tube and swirl around for 15 seconds.If reaction occurs perform a pop, oxygen and carbon dioxide test.Repeat steps 3 and 4 with a new strip of Calcium.Write down observations for results.Repeat steps 1-5 with the rest of the metals.Part C: WaterPour 5mL of water into 3 test tubes.Drop Calcium into test tube and swirl for 15 seconds.If Calcium reacts, perform the pop, oxygen and carbon dioxide tests.If no reaction occurs, take strip out of test tube and start to heat water until it is 80 degrees Celsius.Once water reaches 80 degree Celsius, drop Calcium strip into hot water and move test tube away from Bunsen Burner.If reaction occurs perform pop, oxygen and carbon dioxide tests.If no reaction occurs, remove strip and place in the steam formed. This might require heating up the water again.Write down observations for the results.Repeat step 2-8 with the rest of the metals.Observations:Part A- Dilute Acid:Calcium: Bubbled and fizzed up and formed a white precipitate. The test tube also heated up.Zinc: Light Fizzing.Copper: No Reaction.Magnesium: Bubbled and fixed. HCl turned to a white murky colour.Iron: No Reaction.Part B- Water:Cold water-Calcium: It bubbled and fizzed and the water a white precipitate. The calcium started to float.Zinc: No reaction.Copper: No reaction.Magnesium: No reaction.Iron: No reactionHot Water-Zinc: No Reaction.Copper: No Reaction.Magnesium: No Reaction.Iron: No Reaction.Steam-Zinc: No Reaction.Copper: No Reaction.Magnesium: No Reaction.Iron: No Reaction.Part C- Oxygen:Calcium: It had changed its colour to a white colour.Zinc: It melted with the heat.Copper: Tarnished into different colours. Once out of flame, it turned...

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