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The Real American Dream Essay

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The “American Dream” is a phrase used to describe the goals and ambitions of the people of the United States. Freedom, equality, and opportunity, are all the forefront of this “dream.” But how many people are actually satisfied with that? These dreams, drove the older generation towards success, this realization that there is something better than average is what pushed people to invent machines, invest their money, and build homes and businesses. People live in an America that refuses to accept “impoverished” as a way of life, although it is clear and in front of them. Although Americans want to be free and receive many opportunities, greed is the real dream, because they want money and ...view middle of the document...

They had plans on opening up a liquor store and making millions off of it. When Mama does not grant him any money, he resorts to alcohol, which is a universal “medication” for pain and sadness. Walter disappears for a couple days, and doesn’t bother to show up to work. Once his caring mother sees him like this, she realizes how much his dream means to him, and how much money is worth to him. She requires him to put money away for his savings account, and for his sister’s college fund, and the rest, she trusted him with his investment. “Get rich quick” schemes are all over America, the promise that if you do one thing with minimal requirements and effort, you will increase your profit. Americans strive for greatness, but if there is a path to this greatness that seems easier and more rewarding, they will take it. Walter lies to his mom, and invests all the money she put him responsible for into the liquor business.
“ Mama, you know it’s all divided up. Life is. Sure enough. Between the takers and the "tooken." (He laughs) I’ve figured it out finally…People like Willy Harris, they don’t never get "tooken." And you know why the rest of us do? ‘Cause we all mixed up. Mixed up bad. We get to looking ‘round for the right and the wrong; and we worry about it and cry about it and stay up nights trying to figure out ‘bout the wrong and the right of things all the time… And all the time, man, them takers is out there operating, just taking and taking. (3.1.89)”
Willy takes the money that Bobo and Walter invested, and he runs. He leaves them without a cent to their name and their dream destroyed. But he loses nothing. After that event, the only way for the Younger family to have any money is for them to sell their newly purchased home back to the neighborhood. By doing this, he is giving in to...

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