The Real Cause Of The “Freshman 15”

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The debate has been going on for years. Is it normal or should you be concerned about the freshman 15. The freshman 15 is a term known for the around fifteen or plus pounds a typical college student gains during their first year of college. The usual argument is that college students are unprepared for life on their own and that once they have control they make eating healthy their last priority. However, an article from the Huffington Post suggests otherwise; that in fact it is not the students fault but the schools and their overwhelming smorgasbord of unhealthy food choices.
When you walk into the student union or the Keathly University Center some of the first things to catch your eye will be Panda Express, Chik Fil A and a few other chain restaurants as long with many small stores with and endless supply of snacks. These are the choices allowed to the students on campus. Where many live on campus and do not have transportation, or they do not have the financial support to go out, so they are forced to dine on campus. While it is any kids dream to have a famous chain restaurant like McDonald’s in their backyard the practicality of such is slim to none, but with the advances society has made it is not only a possibility but a way of life on a college campus. An alternative to these food choices should be available for students. Fast food is not healthy food and right now our health is a big factor in our grades. If you want to be successful in school than you have to make sure all other aspects of your life are also in order, your health being one of the most important. According to the Huffington Post they do not have enough healthy choices for us to choose from. If you give an eighteen year old the option to choose between a salad or a juicy burger and fries or a box full of pizza they will most likely go for the greasy food. It is just plain logic.
While the unhealthy selection of food choices is bad enough, the hours of operation provided by the school is even more of an outrage. No student needs to have access to an unlimited food supply at two a.m.; but unfortunately this is the case at MTSU. We love to eat and if the chance presents itself then we will take it, if you take someone who has grown up their entire life having everything provided to them, even the food they eat picked out for them, and those said person into a mix where you can eat whatever you want whenever you want you are creating a bad mixture from the start. With twenty four hour dining it has made it possible for students to satisfy their cravings for unhealthy food at all times; day or night. While this may...

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