The True Characteristics Of Shy People

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It will never be known how much rejection can change a person’s life except when it is experienced firsthand. Many people feel lost, alone, and scared, simply because of being labeled as “different”. Misconceptions are made about everyone based on society’s views of what is thought of as “normal” and what is not. Misconceptions are made because people do not allow themselves enough time to form a proper judgment about a person. Society has grown harsh and criticizes everyone who expresses different characteristics and whose actions differ from the rest. The more society expands and advances through technology, the harder it becomes to escape the wrongful criticism. People are being categorized into stereotypical groups based on their unique ways of expressing themselves and interacting with others. Stereotypes are used as an excuse for not socializing with people that are different from one another which then leads to misconceptions. Although it is mostly seen in teenagers, stereotypes occur everywhere. For example, there are many misconceptions revolved around shy people. Contrary to the general misconceptions of being quiet, not listening to anyone or anything, and non-outgoing, shy people may exhibit traits of a person with outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
Stereotypes are the qualities that label a person based on their personal background, holding some sort of truth to it. Most are created from thoughts that were most likely learned from the influences of a parent, friend, or any close person that an individual is in contact with. Stereotypes may be used to discriminate against other people. In a way, stereotypes are used to make it acceptable to judge someone based on personal characteristics. Stereotypes also lead to the ignorance of the diversity that people have come to know. Many individuals only socialize with their “kind” because that is the only way they feel they can express themselves and feel accepted. In Prelude: The Barbershop, Vershawn Ashanti Young states, “To embrace my blackness, my heritage, my manliness, I identify with men who represent the ghetto” (3). Groups are separating from others because of the possibility of being viewed as different from their own people. Society has grown accustomed to placing labels on every group, so much that it is now being considered normal to do so. As society grows, it continues to be heavily influenced by the stereotypes that have been developed and that will continue to develop.
People have a need to categorize the world into groups, and stereotypes is the means to that. People have a tendency to categorize because it makes the world so much simpler and eliminates the need to process or develop other judgments for newly met people. Stereotypes are also used to raise self-esteem. For example, some consider the groups they are a part of superior to the rest and that gives a feeling of being part of a higher power. Everyone uses stereotypes all the time whether it...

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