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The Real Estate Agent's Blackberry: A Mobile Assistant

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The Real Estate Agent's Blackberry: A Mobile AssistantManagement Information Systems - 08223-SP07MGT 6352Toshira McCoyApril 22, 2007AbstractThe BlackBerry is considered to be one of the best mobile devices, for Real Estate professionals, since the laptop. According to the Porter's Competitive Forces model, an agent contends with a variety of external threats and opportunities. However, Porter's value chain model can also identify specific points where he/she can use information technology most effectively to enhance their competitive position. When asked specifically about their BlackBerries, The Real Estate agents contacted in the course of this research had nothing but good things to say about the device. However, despite the positive perception of the BlackBerry, there are some unforeseen issues concerning its use. Yet the BlackBerry cultivates a win-win situation for both the client and the agent.IntroductionComputers were once large monstrosities that performed only a few tasks. Today, they are everywhere in our daily lives and can do almost anything. If you are a white collar professional, most of your job is done on a computer. But the versatility doesn't stop at the home or office. Computers are now incorporated into mobile devices that go anywhere you go. If you happen to be a Real Estate professional, that's a lot of traveling. The BlackBerry is considered to be one of the best mobile devices, for Real Estate professionals, since the laptop was introduced. The BlackBerry has been incorporated into the activities conducted by Real Estate professionals mainly to close deals and make their lives easier.This paper will examine the BlackBerry's influence in the Real Estate Industry, based on Porter's Competitive Forces model, as well as, the significance of the BlackBerry in relation to Porter's Value Chain model. This research will also point out an emerging health concern resulting from excessive use, the "BlackBerry Thumb" which is a form of arthritis. After reading this paper, one should be able to see the complex role the BlackBerry plays in the daily routine, of a Real Estate Agent.The Blackberry: Product Description and Brief HistoryDeveloped by the Canadian company, Research in Motion, The BlackBerry is a handheld wireless device that was first introduced in 1999. It supports email, mobile phone, text messaging, web browsing, internet fax and other wireless information services. It also delivers information over wireless data networks of mobile service companies ("BlackBerry,"2007).So where did the name come from? The BlackBerry is not named after the thinker and problem solver rabbit in Richard Adam's "Watership Down." However it is a strange coincidence that the rabbit is able to understand complicated concepts that the other rabbits in the tale cannot conceive. ("BlackBerry,"2007) Instead, Research in Motion settled on "BlackBerry" after weeks of work by Lexicon Branding Inc. The Sausalito, California-based firm, is credited with...

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