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The History And Roots Of Anti Semitism Is Europe

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When people hear of anti-Semitism, they think of the horrific events that happened in Germany when Hitler was in control. But anti-Semitism actually existed in Europe long before those events took place. This essay will discuss why the Jewish people have been discriminated against, what has happened as a result of that discrimination and what action has been taken to prevent it.Anti-Semitism started because of religion. According to the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus was crucified because of the Jews. In the middle ages, religion had a lot of power and influence over the people. In the Bible, Judas Iscariot the Jew betrayed Jesus for money. This made many people believe that Jews were greedy, untrustworthy people.Throughout the middle ages, there were rumours of Jews kidnapping Christian children when it was the Passover and sprinkling their blood over bread. When the bubonic plague spread across Europe in the fourteenth century, many accused the Jews of poisoning the wells. The writings of the Jews were often confiscated and burnt. During various parts of the middle ages, Jews were forced to wear hats or badges to distinguish themselves from other people. Some Jews were even expelled from their own country. Some of the anti-Semitic attitudes of the middle ages can be seen in drawings found in churches representing Jews as pigs. In Shakespeare's play, 'The Merchant of Venice', Shylock the Jewish usurer is a heartless, greedy villain. Some of the myths about Jews in the middle ages lived on. One particular myth surfaced in a text called 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' that was published in 1903. The text 'revealed' that Jews were conspiring to take over the world. The book was used to justify mistreatment of the Jews.There was a lot of anti-Semitism when Hitler became the ruler of Germany. He was a ruthless dictator who despised the Jews. He stripped the Jewish people of their rights and ended up destroying an estimated fifty percent of the Jewish population. Hitler's main idea was that there was a master race-the Aryan race that all Germans were descendants of. He believed that the Jews race would ruin the Aryan race by interbreeding with the Germans. It expanded from the ideas of the social Darwinists. They twisted Darwin's ideas into something that applied to humans.The Nuremburg Laws were introduced in 1935, which deprived Jews of German citizenship. Many Jewish shops were boycotted, Jews were publicly humiliated and forced to live in ghettos. Jews were forced to wear badges and they were forbidden to have children with Germans. In 1938, over 800 Jewish shops were destroyed, 100 Jews were killed and 20,000 Jew were arrested in Kristallnacht (The Night of...

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